While those of us on the right might have hoped for better minor party results, we should never lose sight of what Scott Morrison’s miracle win in the 2019 Federal election has brought us (aside from the streams, rivers and even lakes of delicious leftist tears of course).

While avoiding a Shorten Prime Ministership will have many advantages, here are five of the biggest:

Free Speech gets some breathing room

While the Liberals have failed Australia on the issue of free speech by backflipping on their 2013 promise to abolish the abomination that is clause 18C of the racial discrimination act, Bill Shorten had promised not only not to abolish that disgusting law, but to strengthen it and provide more funds to prosecute the thought criminals ensnared in it. While pressure needs to be applied to the Libs in order to prompt the cowardly leftists in light blue to take action against this disgusting legislation, free speech has at least gained breathing space.

No forcing schools to hire gay propagandists as teachers

Shorten had promised as Prime Minister to end the ability of Christian schools not to hire openly gay people as teachers. This would of course have had a knock-on effect with the curriculum and the ability of faith schools to avoid running openly pro-gay agendas in the classroom, which was of course the point. We are not out of the woods yet. Many left-wing Liberals, including Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, support forcing faith schools to hire gay teachers and pressure will have to be applied on the Liberal Party from the right to stop them caving to the media on this issue.

No Gender Commissioner

Most right-wingers are aware of how the taxpayer-funded Australian Human Rights Commission is used to enforce leftist orthodoxy on issues of race, multiculturalism and immigration. PM Shorten would have expanded its powers and appointed a new commissioner for Sexual Orientation and Gender identity. Part of the remit of this new Commissioner would have been to persecute doctors, teachers and even parents who attempt to reverse the brainwashing that sometimes convinces primary school children that they are “gay” or “trans”. The Liberals still have not abolished the AHRC and haven’t even reduced its funding so the threat of expansion of its powers is always there, but for now the march towards insanity has been stalled.

No expansion of immigration

Most Australians when polled repeatedly declare themselves in favour of reducing immigration from the current unprecedented levels. PM Scott Morrison, despite equivocating on the issue, has at least promised a small reduction. PM Shorten wanted to expand the immigration program and even boost the chain migration of elderly relatives who could be brought in to deplete scarce Australian health resources. Morrison will do nothing about our immigration issue beyond tinkering around the edges, but at least he isn’t planning on flooding the country at a faster rate than is currently done. So that’s a positive of a sort, in the same way that being stabbed in the foot is better than being stabbed in the neck.

A slowdown of further leftist gains in the culture war

Leftists hate everything about Australia and want nothing more than to see it destroyed. To this end they push endlessly to change every aspect of the country we love to transform it into something unrecognisable from what it was before. They call this process “progress”. Shorten as PM would have pushed for yet another Republic referendum which would have served as a precursor to changing the flag, Australia Day, Anzac day, the constitution and every aspect of Australian identity and culture to make it less Australian. These fights still go on, the Left never sleeps. And if Australians don’t mobilise far more effectively than they have against the leftist culture warriors so far, we will lose these fights and our country with them. But the Left does not have the cudgel of the federal government with which to force its agenda for another three years. This gives those of us on the right side of history time to organise to save the nation that we love.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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