Scott Morrison, being the devout Christian he is, maintained that he’d always believed in miracles, and he’s pulled off a political miracle. No poll had the Coalition ahead, yet it is on track to regain majority government with a huge swing to the LNP in Queensland, gains in Tasmania and New South Wales, and a swing against the Liberals in Victoria contained.

Bill Shorten has done a Hillary Clinton, or a John Hewson and lost the unlosable election. He has earned the nickname Billary.


The voters sussed him out; they did not like his high-taxing, big government agenda. He has failed in his lifelong quest to become Prime Minister and will not recontest the Labor leadership.

Anthony Albanese has already confirmed he will run for the leadership. His parliamentary colleagues might have done well to listen to the Labor members who voted for Albanese as leader in 2013, but Shorten the faction man was able to stitch up the support of Labor MPs to override the members’ decision.

This against-the-odds victory for the Coalition (Sportsbet had already paid out on a Labor win) has set off a fresh round of leftist tears, disbelief and rage on social media.

The mood at Labor HQ was one of devastation, including on the face of EggBoy Will Connolly who revealed himself as a Labor supporter.


The most vitriol from the left has been reserved for Queensland voters who the left now wants cut off from Australia.

The unpredicted result was instantly compared to Donald Trump’s victory and the Brexit vote in 2016, which were also blamed by the left on ignorant, racist, bigoted, hate-filled white voters. It’s almost as if calling working people names means they don’t vote for you.

What the voters of Australia ultimately decided was that: they were happy the Coalition returned the budget to surplus, they did not want the tax system radically changed to raise more revenue, they don’t want higher power bills, Queenslanders want the Adani coal mine and don’t take kindly to blow-ins from interstate trying to cancel it, and Australians don’t vote for fake politicians like Bill Shorten as their Prime Minister.

Another loser in this campaign is the Turnbull family. The coup to remove Malcolm Turnbull in August 2018 has been vindicated and Turnbull has proven himself so bad a politician that he can’t even sabotage his own party’s election. Out of all the “liberal” independents who his son Alex Turnbull backed (assisted by GetUp), only Zali Steggal was able to slay Tony Abbott in Warringah, the left’s only real victory for the evening.

While the left also celebrated that Senator Fraser Anning failed to win re-election, that joy soon subsided when they realised that former One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts is in the box seat to return to Canberra and One Nation had a swing towards it nationwide. Clive Palmer’s $50 million spend was for nothing, with him failing to win a seat.

While those on the right and conservatives have been celebrating and revelling in leftist tears, there is also a feeling of relief. Labor and the Greens had promised to crack down even harder on so-called hate speech. While Scott Morrison has fallen well short of defending free speech, we will not be seeing Sky News or News Corp shut down for hate speech.

The Australian voters got it right, long live Australia. Scott Morrison, your recent failings are forgiven for now. Things aren’t as grim as many feared for our nation.

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