Parents and other concerned citizens yesterday in Melbourne, on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House took a stand against the (Un)Safe Schools Program and similar programs that sexualise young children.

Victoria has been the worst state for these type of programs, it still has the uncensored Roz Ward Marxist version of Safe Schools, it has introduced the Respectful Relationships program which aims to deconstruct biological gender norms and the sex education programs Catching on Early and Catching on Later.

Despite parental backlash, the graphic sexual content of these programs being exposed, multiple petitions, one last year containing 50,000 signatures and another this year of 16,700 signatures by the Australian Christian Lobby, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is unmoved and is still committed to making Safe Schools mandatory in all government schools at the end of the year.

But the fight to protect our children from these programs is too important to simply give up on, and with a state election due in November 2018 concerned parents are continuing with activism, community forums and other mediums to educate parents about what is really going on our schools.

Activism must include taking your message out onto the streets, as that is what politicians pay most attention to and are fearful of. This is why the left has been so influential in public policy because they are able to get thousands of people attending their rallies for their various causes.

The Stand Up For Parents Rights – Stop Sexualising Our Children Victoria Rally organised by the Coalition Against Unsafe Schools Education was one of many rallies taking place yesterday around the nation. Only in the past few days have Queensland parents been disturbed by the teaching of gender and sexual fluidity to their children.

The Melbourne rally was attended by a wide variety of people of all ages, religions, ethnic backgrounds and from various other community-based groups. They came from all around the state to voice their concern.

The rally started at Treasury Gardens marching to the steps of Parliment House. There was a heavy police presence for attendees’ own protection given the violent nature of left-wing groups in Melbourne. However, there was only three counter protestors present who voiced their opposition to the rally peacefully.

Two state politicians were present who spoke at the rally: Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins the Australian Conservatives MLC who spoke about how the government needed to take its hands off our children. Graham Watt the Liberal Member for Burwood reaffirmed the state Liberals commitment to repealing Safe Schools and replacing with a proper anti-bullying program.

Another elected official City of Casey Councillor Rosalie Crestani spoke about her battle with her fellow Councillors over the introduction of Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships and other council led programs which promote the LGBT lifestyle. Crestani has also been a candidate with the Rise Up Australia Party.

Steve Campbell from the Democratic Labour Party also spoke to express his party’s opposition to these programs.

We heard from Dianne Colbert from All Nations Christian Mental Health Association who spoke about some of the distributing material put out by sex educators in Australia who describe all children (even infants) as sexual beings. She also spoke out against the unsafe gay sex practices that are being promoted and the encouragement by the medical fraternity in having young children gender transition.

The rally finished off with rally organiser Marzena speaking and telling the story of how her Year 7 son was traumatised by Safe Schools by being shown examples of gay anal sex. She was encouraged by the turnout and presented a brand new petition to Dr Rachel-Carling Jenkins to present to state parliament.

The Unshackled was one of the few media outlets covering the rally, the only other visible media was Avi Yemini and Neil Erikson from Cooks Convicts. No one was present from the major television networks or newspapers in a clear indication that they don’t believe reporting on Safe Schools and the sexualisation of children is in the public interest.

Following the conclusion of the rally, we interviewed many of the speakers and participants and met other activist parents who do not did wish to be named sadly because of the bullying and harassment by LGBT activists (the irony) but are doing their bit in the fight against Safe Schools.

If the Victorian Government and other politicians promoting Safe Schools and other associated programs think they can still steamroll these into schools without any consideration of parental rights and the impact it will have on vulnerable children then they are mistaken. The campaign against Safe Schools and the sexualisation of children will continue and more parents will gain the strength to take a stand against the government and LGBT activists for the sake of their children.

Highlights, speeches and interviews from the rally will be posted to The Unshackled’s YouTube channel over the next few days. In the meantime, you can view our Facebook livestream from the event below.

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