On WilmsFront tonight was Dougal Cameron, from Carnage House Productions, to discuss the modern information wars. Dougal operates the outlet with his two brothers and they are beginning to make waves in the Australian alt-media scene.

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I begin by asking Dougal what it is like to be ginger and how he ended up with the family ginger gene. Moving onto more serious topics, we look at what it takes to be in the alternative media, and what they offer to those who no longer trust the mainstream media.

Dougal and his brothers being from Gen Z have grown up with the history of the world’s information at their fingertips and have become natural skeptics and truth seekers. The fake news epidemic that we are told is happening only really affects boomers whose trust in the media has still not been broken.

We look at specific reality tellers who have been silenced by the media and deep-state establishment, such as Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson. Stories that have been suppressed for years include Jeffery Epstein’s crimes and the Clinton Body Count.

We look at the three different political facets of the digital age: the information wars about what facts we are allowed to see online; the intellectual dark web exploring scientific and philosophical ideas; and the masses that have always been there – the working class from the streets where the allowed and information filters through, and those who influence governments.

We finish by looking at the state of modern political ideologies. Dougal and his brother Andy were kicked out of the Socialism Sydney Conference for being suspected right-wing activists. Plus libertarianism, despite problems with the modern movement, still being the best philosophy to defend freedom, markets and civil liberties.

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