Recently in a video that has been viewed almost a million times Avi Yemini completely humiliated two Antifa Marxists who tried to have him kicked out of a pro-Hong Kong rally.

For Avi this is becoming a habit.

But who were these two unfortunate extremists now cursed to have their blithering idiocy plastered across the internet until the end of time?

As usual it’s up to The Unshackled to tell you who these
people are and drag them out into the sunlight to receive the scrutiny the
mainstream media strangely neglects to deliver.

At the beginning of the video, Avi is speaking to two young female pro-Hong Kong activists, when a young woman of vaguely Asian heritage approaches and tells them not to talk to him because he’s a “fascist” and a “Nazi”.

It didn’t go to plan. In fact, it ended with four-eyes vocal fry girl being backed into a rhetorical corner and forced to admit that she is a Communist who “loves” Communism while supposedly attending a protest against a Communist regime.

So who is “I love Communism” girl?

Her name is Madaleine Hah. Madaleine is a Socialist Alternative (SAlt) member who is currently standing to be “Queer Officer” in the RMIT Student Union Council 2019 Annual Elections under the banner of the Socialist Alternative “Climate Action” ticket. Her running mate will be fellow Socialist Alternative organiser and Safe Schools founder Roz Ward. Madaleine will also be running for RMIT National Union of Students (NUS) Delegate, a position she ran for last year on the ticket of the previous Socialist Alternative front group “Left Voice”.

Madaleine has been involved in a range of Socialist Alternative activism over the past two years. This year, she made some of the cringe-worthy memes used to promote the protests against Jordan Peterson organised by Socialist Alternative organiser Hersha Kadkol. She has also helped with poster campaigns advertising the Socialist Alternative annual conferences “Marxism2018” and “Marxism2019” which of course she also attended.

She has spoken out forcefully against the Ramsay Centre funding Western Civilisation courses, calling scholarship recipients “Little shits” who are being funded by the “White supremacist Australian elite” to promote racist ideas.

She attended the rally in front of the State library on January 12 this year where Greens Victoria leader Samantha Ratnam spoke under an Anarcho-Communist variant of the “Antifa” flag. Like Ratnam, she also attended the previous protest at St Kilda co-organised by Socialist Alternative which intended to attack the rally attended by then Senator Fraser Anning. Madaleine described the Vietnamese Australians who stood with the Senator that day as “Useful idiots” (the irony, it burns).

She has also been a fanatical supporter of the electoral campaigns of Socialist Alternative front organisation “Victorian Socialists”, being especially involved in the Victorian state campaign that saw alleged sex pest Stephen Jolly come within a whisker of gaining a Victorian upper house seat.

She has been involved in attending, organising or helping to organise a number of other Socialist Alternative events, including the abortive protest against Vice co-founder Gavin McInnnes, and was present at the Socialist Alternative-instigated riot that occurred when Milo Yiannopoulos spoke in Melbourne. Madaleine was also a part of the November 2017 illegal occupation of the Australian Border Force offices in Docklands in Melbourne.

Maddie got her most prominent exposure when SBS promoted a cartoon she did depicting Rupert Murdoch as a demonic hell-beast. Quite the little artist is our Maddie.

And now despite all her work, in the minds of around a million people across the world, she will be forever known as the weird looking chick in glasses who got humbled by Avi Yemini. Ms Hah is so upset about her online humiliation that she has been using her Twitter account to share posts by a mainland-born Chinese artist begging pro-Hong Kong protesters to please stop spreading the video.

Aw diddums.

Also on her Twitter account Maddie has declared “Fuck Scomo
and Fuck Australia”!

You’re free to leave at any time, Ms Hah.

Partway through the confrontation between Madaleine and Yemini, a white knight appeared. Seeing that things weren’t going so well for the beleaguered Ms Hah, a chevalier complete with bicoloured helm rode to her rescue. Sadly his skunk-coloured hair didn’t really inspire much in the way of intimidation and his shirt didn’t really flatter his spaghetti arms (a fact that was mocked not just by Yemini but later also by Daily Telegraph columnist Tim Blair).

Skunk hair really did try, but his gallant intervention didn’t work out as well as he probably imagined in his head. All the political circle-jerk of doctrinal jargon that Socialist Alternative kiddies are subjected to doesn’t really prepare one for an assertive Israeli with a microphone asking pointed questions on camera. His bold opening remark of “Fascist fuck off, this is a left-wing protest” didn’t induce the quivering retreat he seemed to assume it would. Calling Avi a Nazi, a racist and a Zionist didn’t really do much either.

He then accused Avi (a lone man with a microphone and a camera) of trying to “co-opt the movement”. I’ll pause for a second so anyone from the right to the extreme left who has had any contact with Socialist Alternative over the last twenty four years can stop laughing at the idea of SAlt criticising anyone for “co-opting” somebody else’s campaign.

So who is “Skunk boy”? His real name is Michael Roberts.

Michael is a relatively recent arrival on the extreme left, being only about 20 years old. He attends Monash University and works in a call centre in Melbourne’s inner east. Michael has been a Socialist Alternative member since leaving high school and is enthusiastic about his Marxism in the same way some teenaged girls are enthusiastic about K-Pop. He was part of the group of SAlt activists, including Catherine Robertson (now Uni Students For Climate Justice convenor in Brisbane), who were infamous for disrupting Monash student union meetings last year. Other notable members of this group were Daniel Taylor, Chris di Pasquale, Beth Jackson, Jasmine Duff and Corey Everitt.

Michael has attended rallies, protests and meetings like a good little Socialist Alternative drone since 2017, including the anti-Milo riots in 2017 and the annual “Marxism” conferences in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Like Madaleine, he’s campaigned for Victorian Socialists candidates and been involved in other Socialist Alternative front groups such as “Campaign against Racism and Fascism”. Like all the Socialist Alternative members and organisers in Melbourne, he is involved in the “Extinction Rebellion Students and Youth Victoria” front group and was present at the rather disappointing “swarm” held by that group last Friday night. Also, like the rest of the little kiddies in SAlt, he’s very excited about the upcoming “Blockade IMARC” riots planned by the group for late this October.

Rumour is he also went to a rather exclusive private school in Melbourne’s east with year-12 fees approaching $30k a year. If true, the stereotype of the effeminate rich kid playing at working-class hero would be complete.

Why name these people? Because they’re revolutionary Marxists. Every time these extremists show up leading a protest or even just attending one, it needs to be pointed out that these people want to overthrow the government and implement a totalitarian socialist state (but don’t worry, they’re sure it will work this time). Marxists always lie. Marxists always bully. Marxists always subvert any organisation, any campaign and any cause to suit their own ends.

It needs to be pointed out that when they’re leading a climate rally, it’s because they want to use the environmental movement to abolish capitalism. It needs to be pointed out that when they’re leading a refugee rally, it’s because they believe borders are an artificial and immoral separation of the working class by an evil capitalist conspiracy hatched to stop the inevitable worldwide Marxist revolution. It needs to be pointed out when they join protests for gay marriage or “anti-racism”, it’s because they believe that gender and ethnicity are artificial social constructs, created by the capitalist system to divide the working class, which need to be destroyed in order to lay the path for the revolution that they believe will thrust them to power.

It needs to be pointed out that when they hold an “anti-fascist” rally, meeting or march, their definition of “fascist” is elastic to the point of being “anyone I dislike today” and they believe murdering these “fascists” is a moral good.

These are not normal political actors. They are Marxists. They need to be exposed for what they are and then shamed back under the bed where Marxists like them belong. Their outdated and murderous creed should be abhorrent to any thinking and feeling human being. The fact that Marxists are not ostracised in modern Australia is a failure not just of our education system and our media but of we, the pubic, who haven’t put the pressure on them to make it so.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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