Editors in Chief of The Unshackled Tim Wilms and Sukith Fernando were the first guests to appear on the Zero Filter Show hosted by Brendan Preston who is Editor of Zero Filter which just like us, is an alternative news and media organisation centered on right-wing views intent on helping society get back on track. Along with providing reliable news, it aims at enriching Australian culture and ensuring its preservation and authenticity for generations to come. And of course, Zero Filter is actively fighting against the regressive left.

We discussed why we started the Unshackled, what a Trump victory in the US Elections means in the fight against political correctness, social justice warriors, globalists and elites. The state of Australian Universities, the crises in the libertarian movement and the state of the right wing movement in Australia. We wholeheartedly thank Brendan for inviting us to come along and talk about who we are, how we got here and what we want to do.

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