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In Australia the news cycle is still dominated by the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque mass shooting carried out by Australian white nationalist Brenton Tarant. There have been calls to monitor far-right groups along with accusations that critics of Islam incited the killer.

In Australia we appear to have made it all about ourselves, but what has the reaction been like in New Zealand, the nation where the attack actually took place? That is the topic of discussion with today’s guest Dieuwe de Boer who is the editor of which is the Unshackled’s New Zealand affiliate based in Auckland.

Dieuwe outlines the state of multiculturalism and Islam in New Zealand, and if the nation has seen the same integration problems as Australia. We get an outline of the security and surveillance apparatus of the New Zealand Government which has come under close scrutiny.

We look at the censorship efforts that have taken place post the shooting in New Zealand in an attempt to remove footage of it from the internet.

Given that the shooter identified as an ethno-nationalist I ask Dieuwe about the state of the nationalist movement in New Zealand and whether he expects the authorities to monitor them or even members of the Right Minds team.

We comment on how the response of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been received both at home and overseas. We also assess her first policy move post the shooting with her promise to introduce Australia style gun control laws and whether there will any opposition to it.

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