FAKE “Liberal” Jim Jefferies EXPOSED- DRAWS Picture of Prophet Muhammad INSULTS ISLAM


Avi Yemini, Jewish content creator and failed political
candidate, just exposed Jim Jefferies drawing a picture of Prophet Muhammad, as
well as mocking and insulting Islam on a hidden camera. Jim Jefferies is known
as a champion of the left, who goes around under the guise of “comedy” in order
to preach his views on “tolerance and cosmopolitanism”.  

But the reality reveals another side to liberal champion Jim Jefferies, a side that jokes about Islamic women, draws the Prophet Muhammad, calling said drawing “He looks like a wobbly ghost” and someone that, behind the scenes insults Islam.

Avi Yemini who is known as a controversial figure in Australian
political scene, has exposed Jim Jefferies using a hidden camera during an
interview for “The Jim Jefferies Show”. “Comedian” actor, and writer Jim
Jefferies took digs at Islam during an interview and joked that he never looks
bad because of his editing.

Avi Yemini has not allowed the full one hour to come out, as
he wants payment through Patreon, so this report will focus on what we know.
What we know is that from the teaser trailer released by Yemini on YouTube, is
an admission from Jim Jefferies that he understands fully the risks and dangers
associated with joking about Islam because of how badly it is received by Islamic

Here is a quote from Jim which is exposed from the
undercover film as Jefferies says…

“I’m not a big fan of Islam. […]

 “I think that wearing
a burqa is stupid and demeaning and all those things.”

The main thrust of the Jim Jefferies Show was to joke about
a Dingo fence in Australia and draw criticisms from that example of how “walls”
don’t work. In that context, the next part of the leaked footage was a
discussion of which one is more dangerous, a dingo or Islam. Both Jim and Avi agreed
that dingos and Islam are dangerous.

Yemini notes that a dingo ate a baby – Jefferies cut in and
said if a dingo ate a “bloody Muslim baby” it would probably vomit it, to which
Yemini recoils and says…

“No… I don’t actually agree with that shit. […] That’s not
funny. You’re talking about fucking killing kids. That’s crossing a line.
There’s a fucking line.”

Here is the kicker. Jim Jefferies that liberal loving virtue
signalling shill said…

“We’ll edit this bit out. I never look bad in these

And this is what always happens to conservative personalities
when they are appear on these shows for an extensive interview which is then
edited heavily.

Check out the full video here thanks to Comedy Central:

Freedom of speech is something to be defended. But this is a man who went out of his way to attack conservative and alternative opinions. He deserves no defence, no protection. He has no argument. Avi Yemini outsmarted, outplayed and out did him this time, and he has be exposed out on the stage. Share this far and wide so that others can see the hypocrisy for themselves.

Watch the exposed video here:

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