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On our first show since the horrific twin mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday afternoon, where 50 people have been confirmed murdered by 28-year-old Australian born white nationalist Brenton Tarrant we go through the motive behind the shooter and what the immediate consequences have been.

With Senior Editor Damien Ferri we go through the killers manifesto and the fact that he identified as an ethno-nationalist and wanted to carry out the attack to fight the invaders has given the left, the media with new bipartisian assistance all the justification they need to go after this political group with arm of big government and big brother.

We outline that the consequences any terrorist attack in the west regardless of who is responsible the erosion of our freedoms and liberties. New hate speech laws, mass surveillance and gun control are high on the agenda. Islam will now no longer be able to be critiqued or criticised.

Fraser Anning’s controversial statement where he blamed the attack on Muslim migration to the west and called it blowback for Muslim violence has even seen those on right more interested in virtue signalling their outrage and hatred for Anning rather than actually defend free speech and civil liberties that will come under attack.

We have seen the left cheer on a high school student Will Connolly cracking an egg on Anning’s head at a meeting for his party in Melbourne. They have even condemned Anning and his supporters for responding. Other politicians like Sarah Hanson Young have supported the boy essentially endorsing political violence against politicians.

Other events of the past week which signaled the end of the right wing in Australia was the Liberals capitulating to inner city voters on climate change in a bid to save their historically blue ribbon seats and attacking Greens star candidate Julian Burnside QC for belonging to a men’s only club.

Damien also expresses his concern over the conviction and jail sentence of Cardinal George Pell for child sexual abuse on purely hearsay evidence. He also mentions the same has happened to Michael Jackson in death with the banning of his music because of a documentary alleging child abuse yet he was found innocent in life

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