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Australia’s two most well known patriot and nationalist activists Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson have been banned permanently from Twitter. This follows their earlier bans from Facebook. Both have now opened up accounts which is the most well known free speech social media alternative.

Cottrell was banned before the Christchurch mosque shooting last Thursday following two controversial tweets where he quoted Hilter favorably and another where he referenced cutting the strings from puppet politicians and hanging them.

Cottrell had his Facebook page deleted last year, this year following the St Kilda political meeting on African crime his father’s personal Facebook account was deleted since it was discovered Cottrell was using it to access the platform. Following that his Instagram account was deleted.

Cottrell opened up a Gab account only yesterday and has already gathered over 200 followers and made over 20 posts. The free speech absolutism of Gab will mean Cottrell can put forth his views unfiltered and unrestricted by anyone.

Erikson had lasted longer on Facebook with his page only deleted last month and was further prevented by the platform from opening up new Facebook accounts. He had been using his Senator Slayer twitter account and YouTube channel to broadcast to his followers since.

Erikson along with Cottrell was present at Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party in Melbourne and was one of those who restrained Will Connolly, the boy who egged Anning which the left wing media have called for him to be charged for using excessive force against Connolly until the police arrived.

Erikson post Christchurch and the Anning meeting had been sharing memes mocking Connolly as well as defending his views on Islam and immigration. His account was suspended today.

Erikson had previously set up a account but is only in use now. Erikson has now joined Cottrell has now been completely deplatformed from social media.

YouTube is the only mainstream platform which Cottrell and Erikson have access to and have both posted vlogs on their respective channels where they have condemned the Christchurch attack and commented that this has set back the nationalist cause significantly.

Given that Facebook and other social media platforms have come under fire for not just broadcasting vision of the mosque shooting but for allowing people with nationalists views access to their platforms we can expect more such purging in the immediate future.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said today he wants new regulation of social media and has called for a global response. This is likely to be part of an overall legislative attack against free speech post Christchurch. was deplatformed by its web hosting company post the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting in the United States after the perpetrator was found to have an active Gab account.

But they have since been able to remain online and are currently funded through cryptocurrency premium accounts. Its CEO Andrew Torba has been adamant the platform will remain online and he is 100% committed to the project and its free speech mission.

The Unshackled also has a Gab account which we encourage our followers to create their own Gab account and find us there.

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