The Unshackled Waves Ep. 216 The Yumi Stynes Racism Claim vs Kerri-Anne and Jacinta Price


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The biggest media controversy of the past week occurred last Monday on Network 10’s Studio 10 program when permanent panelist and TV Logie Hall of Fame recipient Kerry Anne-Kennerley suggested that the invasion day protestors should better focus their activism on stopping rape in remote Aboriginal communities.

For this she was labelled a racist by fill in panelist Yumi Stynes, and from that the usual leftist outrage brigade and Aboriginal activists piled on to label Kerri-Anne a racist. Kerri-Anne stood by her comments, rejecting she was saying anything racist, Yumi Stynes is now in hiding.

The controversy has against raised the question about whether we can have a serious discussion about Aboriginal welfare in this country without the racist label being thrown about and free speech being suppressed.

To discuss this controversy as well as Australia Day and Aboriginal welfare as a whole my guest today is Dr Anthony Dillon. He is proud of both his Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal ancestry and is a researcher into the areas of mental health and Aboriginal well-being. He lectures to university students and different community groups on Aboriginal issues and well-being.

He is also active as a social commentator on Aboriginal issues, having had several thought provoking articles published in The Australian Newspaper, The Conversation, and the ABC Drum online.

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