Frightbat Feminists Still Making a Living


Last week was seen as not a good one for Australia’s frightbat feminists, as they are called. Clementine Ford, Australia’s most crass feminist and creator of the #killallmen hashtag, quit her position as writer for Nine Newspapers (formerly Fairfax Media) in an expletive ridden tirade on Twitter.


This was due to the fact she was not allowed to be as abusive to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other Liberal politicians as she was wanting to. According to Ford her relationship with her employer soured in September last year when they threatened to fire her for calling Morrison ‘f***ing disgrace’ for being transphobic.

Ford had regular columns in Fairfax papers the Age, Sydney Morning Herald and the feminist Daily Life website. But as her relationship with Fairfax soured she had her column halved and hence her my wage which she described as having to “eat shit every week”.

Many on the right celebrated Ford’s departure from Fairfax, and that she no longer was able to spout her vitriol from such a large, and some would say prestigious platform.

However, there are still plenty of adherents to third wave feminism in Australia who believe that Ford is fearless fighter against the patriarchy and misogyny.

So Ford opened up a Patreon account to continue to fund her feminist commentary. In less than a week she was able to obtain 793 patrons. Her settings do not show her income but Ford is now earning at least $793 USD a month. It is both impressive and sad that there are that so many people willing to fund Ford’s work.


It is also worth highlighting that Ford in her patron tiers did not offer substantial rewards, they contained promises to “curse ten men in your honour”, “make an MRA cry” even “cast a spell on Tony Abbott”.

In addition to being able to crowdfund her continued feminist dogma, although she will no longer have coloums in Nine Newspapers she has confirmed she will now be a columnist in the Saturday Paper, the vanity project of left-wing businessman Morry Schwartz.

She has also been commissioned by the ABC to write a four part series for their new lifestyle website ABC Life, which is also home to another far-left journalist Osman Faruqi who is its Deputy Editor. She is also receiving royalties from her two published books.

Australia’s second most triggered feminist Van Badham is still employed by the Guardian Australia, she has previously offered such insights such as the Trump phenomena making her eat donuts without shame. This week in the Guardian she told us about how blocking 10,000 on Twitter made her like the platform again.

The feminist who created last week’s racism accusation against Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Yumi Stynes, while she ran away from appearing on Network 10 for the rest of the week still is employed by the ABC to host the feminist podcast Ladies, We Need to Talk. SBS might even employ her to make another feminist documentary.

So although they suffered a setback last week, Australia’s frightbat feminist are still very comfortably earning a living for their bile, crass and vitriolic activism. Australia’s left are still very willing to support financially those they consider their voices, which should be another wake up call to right and conservatives that they need to pick up their game in this area of the battle of ideas.

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