French Yellow Vest Protestors Accused Of Racism For Uncovering Illegal Migrants


In November, a group of Yellow Vests Flixecourt in the Somme discovered six migrants hidden in the tank of a truck stopped at a roadblock set up by demonstrators.  The migrants were then turned over to the gendarmerie, before being transported to the station.

According to news channel, LCI, “among the six hidden men, two were under an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF) and were immediately released by the gendarmes. The others were notified of the OQTF before being released “.

The individual who filmed the incident will appear in court on March 1 for public racial insults.  He is now accused of making “racist” comments while filming, although his remarks alluded to criminality and not race. According to LCI, this “racial” offense is punishable by one year’s imprisonment.

On the video aired on social networks on November 20, he was heard making comments such as “what a gang of fuckers,” “you’re smiling fucker” and “all this will still be from our taxes”. 

Elected official of President Macron’s LREM party, Adrien Morenas has accused the Scout organization of constituting a “melting pot of identity formation”. He is a member of the committee of inquiry combatting alleged “right-wing extremist groups”.

The Catholic newspaper La Vie, reported that the Macronist parliamentarian, elected in Vaucluse, called the Scouts unitaires de France (SUF) a “far-right movement”.

The SUF has 29 000 members and are among the ten Scout associations approved by the State. Born in 1971 from a split with the Scouts of France, the association is required to declare all its camps to the State, for potential inspection.

“We have excellent relations with our ministry of guardianship, youth and sports, now attached to the Ministry of Education,” said Pierre du Couëdic, Commissioner General of SUF. He said he was “very surprised” by the “mistake” made by Morenas. “I think there is a lack of awareness of scouting,” he added.

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