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The Unshackled experienced a surge in YouTube subscribers over the past few days courtesy of today’s guest, one of Australia’s most famous YouTubers Bearing. He featured our footage of Antifa yelling lame abuse at the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux Melbourne event in his video summary of the night. Bearing’s channel comments on news and current events in his own crass and blunt style, mocking the stupid people who constantly pop up online and in the media.

Bearing shares with us his path to YouTube success, what motivated him to start a YouTube channel whether he employed any strategies to grow to half a million subscribers. He reveals how he sources his content and what are some of the top retarded people he has taken down in his videos. He discusses his interactions with the wider YouTuber community through collaborations, banter and back and forth videos.

Bearing has been able to obtain 400 patrons to support his work so we ask how he has not only been able to attract them but retain and interact with them. He also reveals how he has been able to beat YouTube’s demonitization by having sponsorships directly in his videos.

He tells of his experience in losing his channel temporarily due to copyright infringement and how that affected his production. He also tells us about his eventual face reveal but how the persona of Bearing is still how his followers see him. We finish by asking about his plans for the future including whether he would venture out of YouTube and make public appearances.

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