WATCH: Nationalist Leaders Resolve Thier Differences With A Boxing Match


Last Friday 27th July Neil Erikson of Cooks Convicts and Lads Society President Tom Sewell met at the latter group’s clubhouse in Cheltenham to sort their differences out in the ring. Three one-minute rounds to decide who is the “bigger man.”

Tensions have always been high between the two leaders since the days the pair were members of the former United Patriots Front (UPF)and their feud has continued until very recently when they decided to come together for the good of their movement and are using this fight to relieve any simmering tensions. The Unshackled was able to cover the whole fight including pre-fight remarks from each side as well as thoughts from Blair Cottrell.


The winner here was very clear, but the fighters showed good sportsman ship and shook hands at the end. After the fight they all shared drink and discussed memories from the UPF days.

It is rumoured that Tom Sewell will be fighting another rival nationalist Sherman Burgess who may be flying down from New South Wales next month.

Stay tuned for more news and inside views on the Australian Nationalist movement.

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