The Story Behind the Channel 7 Protest in Melbourne Over African Crime Reporting


A large crowd of leftists gathered outside the Channel Seven headquarters in Melbourne’s Docklands for their planned protest against “racist news headlines,” accusing the mainstream media outlet of over-representing the Sudanese crime rate in Melbourne and “fear-mongering” in a report on its Sunday Night current affairs program.

Despite this, it makes logical sense for media outlets to describe the perpetrators of the crimes they are reporting on and race is one of the features that is important in describing a person’s appearance.

As for the over representation, police data from 2015 has concluded that while Sudanese born people make up 0.11% of the population of Victoria, they commit 7.44% of home invasions, 5.56% of car thefts and 13.9% of aggravated robberies, and that’s just those who were born overseas. This means that the numbers are disproportionate with the rest of the Victorian population.

It is not necessarily “racist” to talk about these facts in an effort to tackle violent crime. High profile violent crimes perpetrated by people of African appearance is still regularly occurring around Melbourne.

Mainstream media outlet SBS was there among a few other camera crews however when The Unshackled approached the protest they were quickly identified by two members of Campaign for Racism and Fascism (CARF) and as a result, was removed by police from the crowd as can be seen in the Unshackled’s livestream.

Members of CARF and Antifa in Melbourne have also been found to do work with SBS frequently which explains why they were allowed to stay within the crowd. SBS also refuse to criticize the actions of the extreme left.

Police also detained Neil Erikson and Bluebeard from Future Now Australia for “intending to disturb the peace” before they even arrived and were dropped off at Spring Street on the opposite side of Melbourne’s CBD.

The Young Conservative was also detained with them and has made a video of the experience.

This is a clear example of the police either helping shut down journalists not friendly to the left or allowing journalists to be shut down. We don’t have a constitutional right to freedom of the press in Australia but as a democratic nation that advertises itself as a society that welcomes alternate views this is very concerning.

We continued to livestream from across the street where the police and CARF members did not bother us further.

The event features speeches from members of the African Australian community who spoke about how they do in fact acknowledge the crime in their communities and want to sort the problem out as well.

They also shared stories about the harsh times they faced when living in their own countries. The word “oppression” was used like an apostrophe. The mentioned “the white man sitting at home” and how they should not listen to the media in this case.

They also talked about working with the Sudanese youths to prevent these crimes from happening in the future. They did not give many details on how they were going to do that, however.

After the speeches, the crowd proceeded to march to Etihad Stadium. It was a peaceful protest mainly because all opposition to the left’s agenda had been removed.

What do our followers think of this? Should Neil, Bluebeard and The Young Conservative have been detained? Should the police be shutting down journalists despite them offering an alternative view on a societal norm?

Let us know in the comments.

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