I’ve written about the Folau saga twice. First during the minor skirmish with the anti-Christian media last year, and then I covered it a second time during the opening salvo of this new war. The 2nd episode of the Right Minds podcast had a segment on this subject as well.

I genuinely expected things to die down, but I was wrong. Rugby Australia fired him without any kind of settlement and there is plenty of reason to test the claimed “breach of conduct” in court. Australian Christian Lobby director Martyn Iles, who is hosting the new fundraising campaign, had the following to say:

There was never a contractual or verbal agreement around social media use, despite claims in the media.

The clause of the Code of Conduct invoked against him was the nebulous notion of “bringing the game into disrepute.”

His social media content was consistent for some time. Christian,
scriptural, themes of repentance etc. The post was business as usual
(except the word “homosexual”).

A major sporting organisation in Australia is making the rather
remarkable claim that quoting from the Bible in support of Christian
orthodoxy is “disreputable” and a sackable offense.

The ACL has a good track record as a lobby group and is well established, the money raised goes safely into a trust, and what remains after the case is guaranteed to be spend on other similarly good causes. Israel Folau is also a proven brand and the media has given him millions in free advertising so far. 

With the right war chest, Israel Folau and the ACL have good odds of
breaking Rugby Australia one way or another, and we’ll have a media
meltdown to enjoy on the road. This is why I don’t view supporting
Israel Folau as a donation or charity case. He’s selling a product and
there are plenty of buyers. The satan-worshiping talking heads in the
media can’t fathom this.

Let’s take a look at the scoreboard so far. He’s exposed Rugby Australia and their sponsors as anti-Christian, he’s cost them a lot of money, and will cost them a lot more. The Australian GoFundMe and their New Zealand counterpart, GiveALittle, have both been exposed for sharing the same hatred.

GoFundMe has lost out on the cut they could have gotten from $3M and that patronage is going to the Christian Lobby instead now. There will also be a growing number of users boycotting these services, and even if that doesn’t hurt them financially, it at least enables a few of us to add these companies to the list of “woke capitalists” to avoid doing business with.

Within half a day of fundraising via the ACL, Folau passed the $1,000,000 mark—more than he had raised via GoFundMe in the four days prior. What a master-stroke.

When it’s all over and done with, Folau could take any rugby contract
he wants with a Christian nation in the Pacific, he could become a
full-time pastor (the media even does promotional work for his church),
or take up a role as an activist or lobbyist. He’s set for life and he’s
shown commitment throughout this whole saga that gives people
confidence in him as a man, and confidence that he will stand up for
them and with them.

Why would anyone donate to this cause? The number of legitimate
Christians, who believe what the Bible says, still number a few
percentage points of the population. They are likely growing in size if
both Australia and New Zealand have started to follow the global trends
pointing to a resurgent Christian civilisation. These people are in it
because they agree with his religious beliefs.

There are also those who are sick and tired of being told what to do
by the globalist elites who pretend to rule over them. These people want
to join in the culture war. For the price of a few cups of coffee they
can get a front row seat and a little sense of (dare I say) pride as
Folau harvests endless supplies of left-wing liberal tears for them to
consume. These people are in it because they believe in the cause.

As I said when I covered this last time, it’s not about Israel Folau,
it’s about you. He and Maria are the right targets, because if they can
be silenced then there’s nothing stopping them from making sure you
shut up. That makes Izzy a worthy investment to many.

He’s spent over $100,000 of his own money, and while he might have millions in assets, he probably doesn’t have $3M in liquidity. Legal fights are expensive and can be endless drains, so this is why he really does need the money.

If he funds it himself, even to the tune of millions, then his opponents can bleed him dry. With thousands of happy customers to share the risks, Folau will be a juggernaut that Rugby Australia and the media elites know they can’t beat.

The case will likely go all the way to the Austalian High Court and set a legal precedent about whether Australians can be fired for quoting the Bible.

Of course, the biggest argument against donating is that this is an Australian case, not a New Zealand one. Yet since our two destinies are likely intertwined, so as New Zealanders this might be our fight too. Who knows, next time we could need the outside help and our Australians brothers and sisters will be more than happy to generously return the favour.

There are a lot of whingers out their complaining that there are more-worthy causes. Those giving to Izzy are supporting a cause that underpins the very survival of their way of life, rights, freedoms, religion, culture, and traditions.

My investment in Folau’s war chest isn’t coming out of my charity budget. It’s coming out of my entertainment budget. And the best part is, for the price of a night out or a movie ticket you too can have a front row seat to watching this amazing show unfold.

This case isn’t about money. It’s not about rugby. It’s not even
about employment contracts. Nor is it about homosexuality, fornication,
drunkeness, or idolitary. This is a fight against the “mark of the
beast” and our ability to buy and sell without bowing to the 6-coloured
ensign of the forces of darkness. It’s about the very survival of the
west, and having a bit of fun while fighting for it. 

This is a war and this is a global phenomena. It’s no surprise to
those who have been following it. The unquestioned reign of the
anti-Christian globalist order is coming to an end.

You, happy warrior, can be a part of it too.

Dieuwe de Boer is the Editor of Right Minds; The Unshackled’s New Zealand affiliate where this article originally appeared.

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Dieuwe de Boer
Dieuwe is the Editor of Right Minds NZ and co-host of Trad Tasman Talk. In addition to conservative politics and reactionary thought, he likes books, gardening, biking, tech, reformed theology, beauty, and tradition.
Dieuwe de Boer
Dieuwe is the Editor of Right Minds NZ and co-host of Trad Tasman Talk. In addition to conservative politics and reactionary thought, he likes books, gardening, biking, tech, reformed theology, beauty, and tradition.
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