"Me? No I'm not a Communist... I'm a Socialist... totally different".

Normally Anarchist extremists wear masks.

To hear them tell it the reason for this is to stop them being identified by evil right wingers. In truth it’s more a case of trying to look all cool and dangerous while making identification by police more difficult as they gang up on and violently attack the people they disagree with.


Hi Kathleen!

Neither of these aims are served if people can identify you even with a mask on, which is certainly the case with Brisbane Anarchist organiser and proud “antifascist” Kathleen McLeod.

You see to put it politely poor Kathleen has a very… distinctive build.

The blue whale in the mask to the left of the Dusty Bogan’s hand is named Kathleen.

To put it less politely she’s a touch on the heavy side.

To put it even less politely than that Kathleen is so fat that the Queensland State Government is considering giving her a postcode.

Hey Stalin twink! Where’s my sandwich gone?”

Perhaps a special Anarchist low-carb vegan diet is in order?

In any case Kathleen led about a dozen of her masked Anarchist comrades in mounting a counter protest to the public meeting opposing the so-called “Safe schools” program held in central Brisbane on the weekend.

Behold. Your future revolutionary leaders.

Not to talk down the speakers or organisers or to try and minimise the abomination of the “Safe Schools” program but it was clear that Kathleen and the twelve or so other oddballs showing up in black masks, waving rainbow flags and chanting obnoxious obscenities were the highlight of the event.

And no wonder.

Every time they crawl out from under their rocks it becomes clearer that Kathleen’s Krazy Krew (as well as the other Anarchist groups in Australia) still haven’t quite figured out why everyone hates them.

“But Muuuuuuum! I need to go fight the Fascists!”

Long may their hilarious ignorance continue.

In the aftermath of the weekend’s event the question begs to be answered, why is “Antifa” in Brisbane so consistently pathetic?

“Me? No I’m not a Communist… I’m a Socialist… totally different”.

After all Safe Schools as a program is widely seen by many in the Gay activist and wider far left community as an excellent method of advancing their cause by having their particular viewpoints taught to impressionable children as a part of the curriculum. Many from this wider milieu feel very strongly about the issue and would undoubtedly have been interested in protesting against any public meeting opposing the program.

So why weren’t they there? Despite Queensland being traditionally more conservative than other states there is no shortage of people in central Brisbane who would identify as to the left of the Labor Party or even the Greens. Why did only a dozen people in fancy dress show up to “Bash the Christo-fascists”?

Anarcho-Communist flag in front, Anarchist flag at rear

After all extreme left groups in Brisbane while historically being a bit of a footnote haven’t been doing that badly recently. The Trotskyist Socialist Alternative in particular is holding meetings with reasonable attendances at some universities and recently made news by confronting that evil right wing fascist Bob Katter in the street and giving him a stern talking to.

Carl Jackson of Brisbane Socialist Alternative gives that nasty Katter fellow a good talking to.

After almost being brought to the brink of extinction SAlt has made a bit of comeback in the south eastern urban corner of the sunshine state, using their superior discipline, fanaticism and organisation to out-compete their Marxist rivals in Ian Rintoul’s “Solidarity” and the Socialist Alliance splinter group “Unite”.

Which is a bit of a hint really. For various local reasons the “anti-fascist”, “anti-racist” and “anti-everything” rallies being held by the far left in Brisbane recently have been led and organised not by the Trotskyists but by Kathleen and her Anarchist friends.

Anarchism. Sober, sensible policies for a better tomorrow.

Unlike in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth where Trotskyists (usually Socialist Alternative) have led the far left efforts to shut down events of people who disagree with them, in recent times in Brisbane that mantle of organisation has fallen to the Anarchists.

And as their name suggests, Anarchists are really, really bad at organising. Like really bad, laughably bad.

This complete inability to march in a straight line even to cross the street combined with their extreme paranoia exemplified by their insistence on wearing masks and maintaining anonymity makes it really hard for them to engage in real politics and public outreach in the same way that their Marxist comrades do.

Wait… what?

In Brisbane it seems that not only do they find it difficult to reach out to the wider normie left, they even find it hard to reach out to the Trotskyists. The relations between the two wings of what is essentially the same ideology (nobody cares what happened in 1872 guys) are so bad that when the Anarchists organised the Brisbane event to “shut down” the Molyneux/Southern talk recently only a couple of Marxists even bothered to show up.

Jonathan Sri. Greens Councillor and possible Anarchist associate.

In The Unshackled’s excellent expose of Kathleen we showed that Ms McLeod had been boasting of her ability to use the printing resources of Green politicians such as Larrisa Waters and Johnathan Sri to promote the cause of the cowardly Anarchist murderer Jock Palfreeman.

Jonathan shares the power of his magic healing scarf with former Senator Waters.

Whether these claims are truthful or not (former Senator Waters when questioned seemed to think not) it’s clear that with their dress-ups, nutcase extremism and utter paranoia the Anarchist fringe dwellers in South East Queensland have no real plan to reach out to the tens of thousands of local Queensland Greens voters who might be sympathetic to their causes and interested in their events.

Aside from holding dire punk gigs in Ipswich as though it were still 1979 and putting up a few hundred largely unnoticed posters in Fortitude Valley the Anarchists in Brisbane don’t really seem to have much of a plan to reach out to anyone beyond their immediate circles at all.

Just ordinary people like you and me. Dressed as ninjas.

Even their Facebook group keeps getting shut down or suspended because they can’t stop themselves from threatening to shoot and decapitate “fascists” while also making it clear they consider a “fascist” to be anyone to the right of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews (and sometimes even him).

Apparently threatening to kill large segments of the population simply for disagreeing with you is sometimes viewed as being a bit extreme.

Who knew?

Anarchists in Australia live in an irrational fantasy world where they are plucky rebels constantly oppressed by a totalitarian system pursuing them at every turn. We’ve only named a few Anarchists here at The Unshackled in recent months and the results on their supposedly private internal message boards have been electric. They really, really, really don’t like being exposed for what they are and really don’t like having their photos out there for anyone to see.

Why does everyone hate us?

Long may this insane paranoia continue, and long may the Anarchists continue to lead the “anti-fascist” movement in Brisbane. It’s the best gift those on the Right in the Sunshine State could ask for.

Brisbane Rally Against Safe Schools Photo Credit: Boston White

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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