PERTH, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 2: Nigel Farage speaks during his tour of Australia at Perth Town Hall on September 2, 2018 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Matt Jelonek/WireImage)

As many readers of the Unshackled would be aware Nigel Farage UKIP MEP, friend of Donald Trump, former UKIP leader and “Mr Brexit” is currently touring Australia and New Zealand to sold out audiences.

Naturally as night follows day the dregs of the extreme left have come out to protest him, and just as predictably the mainstream media seems to be unable or unwilling to notice who exactly these “anti-racist” protesters are.

In Perth on Sunday night about 20 unwashed members of extreme left groups congregated together to play their usual game of screaming insults and obscenities at the 350 “fascists” who came to listen to a democratically elected political figure speak.

Both Hannah Barry of Canberra Times and WAtoday and Kate Emery of The West Australian newspaper managed to favourably quote the protest spokeswoman Claire Francis and her group United Against Bigotry and Racism without mentioning that Francis is a prominent activist with Socialist Alternative and that UBAR is a Socialist Alternative (SAlt) front group.

Socialist Alternative of course being the largest revolutionary Communist organisation in Australia.

Claire Francis, Communist.

This isn’t hard to find out, over the years they’ve been active from when they threatened venues for hosting Geert Wilders to when they attacked patrons at a pub hosting Pauline Hanson UBAR has never had a spokesperson who wasn’t also a Socialist Alternative activist. UBAR events are conspicuously populated by placards and banners bearing the Socialist Alternative logo, name and even web address.

On Sunday night the UBAR people were generous enough to allow the four people who are all that’s left of the Perth branch of the Socialist Alliance and one lone anarchist waving a sad little flag with an “A” on it to tag along, but the presence of other extremists at an event organised by extremists isn’t really an excuse for not noticing that there was an awful lot of extremism floating about.

Socialist Alternative signage obvious as always

Kate and Hannah could have easily figured all this out of course, but that would have required the monumental effort of a Google search, a feat of journalism that is apparently beyond them.

Socialist Alliance banner obvious on the left.

At least they did better than the Guardian’s Narelle Towie who didn’t bother to get quotes from anyone on either side, simply contenting herself with repeating some of the more offensive Leftist chants. Good work if you can get it hey Narelle?

After the attendees had gone inside the Marxists ran around the building screaming.

The only other Australian protest of any note publicly being organised against the visit of Farage is in Melbourne (surprise!). And of course is being organised by the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) a group who having recently shed most of its remaining non Socialist Alternative members in a messy split should more or less rename itself “Socialist Alternative Melbourne branch” and get it over with.

More Socialist Alternative signage. All unseen by journalists.

The protest is being promoted by SAlt through SAlt activists putting up posters on streets and university campuses and is being co-ordinated at organising meetings held at the Victorian Trades Hall attended almost entirely by SAlt members.

Victorian trades hall. Lovely building, shame about the contents.

The spokesperson chosen to speak to the friendly and compliant media at the protest will be from a short list of names including Chris Di Pasquale, Vashti Kenway, Anneke Demanuelle, Jerome Small, Claudio Uribe or one or another of their Socialist Alternative friends.

Nigel Farage as imagined by Socialist Alternative

Even the artwork for the CARF posters featuring a grotesque caricature of Farage is by a Socialist Alternative linked artist. The links between the two groups are not exactly subtle.

More SAlt artwork. In this piece apparently the socialists are tumors of some kind.

The protest they’ve announced for Friday night will run along the lines of the protest against the March for men, the protest against Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, the protest against Milo last year and all the other violent and vile protests this largest and most radical of Australia’s left wing extremist groups has organised over their disgusting existence all the way back to their attacks on One Nation supporters in Melbourne in the late 90s.

CARF/SAlt attack evil racists for racist-ly trying to get on a racist white bus.

Already one venue has cancelled due to their threats and intimidation. The next step will be to try and get enough people to the event itself to shut it down through attacks on attendees and police.
It’s the same template. The same blueprint.

And yet again the journalists in the Australian Mainstream media will turn a blind eye to this the largest and most extreme political group active in Australia today using violence and threats to attack those with whom they disagree.

CARF/SAlt attack Cory Bernardi supporters in Melbourne early last year.

They’ll call them “protesters”, “anti-racists” or even, perversely “anti-fascists”.

It’s up to the rest of us to expose them for what they are, because God knows the journalists won’t.

There is no place for the hateful and murderous ideology of Marxism in 21st century Australia. It’s about time some people realised that.

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