Melbourne Street Brawl: Event Organisers Were Warned By Detectives

Blood on the car at the scene of the brawl in Collingwood, Melbourne.

A street brawl Saturday night in Melbourne has resulted in an 18-year old’s leg being crushed by a car with several others injured. Police estimate up to 200 people were involved as the brawl spilled from the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood at around 2:45am.

“During the affray, a car has collided with a number of parked cars on Mater Street and pinned one person against the parked vehicle” Commander Tim Hansen told reporters this afternoon. Five other injured people required hospital treatment.

Nine’s Lana Murphy reported that local residents were “terrified” as “riot scenes” broke out. ABC News reporter Yvette Gray said “neighbours say they saw dozens of young people fighting each other and jumping on cars”.

At this stage the perpetrator has not been established. “He was going at a blistering pace and he was f***ing aiming for people straight at them,” a neighbour told the Herald Sun. Three cars are damaged, including the one used by the perpetrator. Police are urging witnesses to come forward.


The incident appears to be part of a larger wave of serious affrays, property damage and home invasions largely stemming from developing gangs of young African men. The issue blew up on social justice media when the Federal Home Affairs Minister criticised the Victorian Labor Government for failing to acknowledge the issue after a string of high-profile incidents, which I covered back in January.

Of particular concern is that the Sudanese community, which has been immigrating since 2001 and make up only 0.11 percent of Victoria’s population, are responsible for over 7 percent of home invasions, 5 percent of car thefts and just under 14 percent of aggravated robberies.

Since January, the debate hasn’t moved an inch, with most of the leftist establishment – including the taxpayer-funded public broadcaster – still failing to even admit an issue with African youth gangs should be acknowledged.

The ongoing issue has exposed the complete inability of a government committed to social justice to properly identify and address brewing issues making innocent residents feel unsafe in their own homes.

In a Facebook post published August 31, event organiser J-Nelly plead with event attendees to be on their best behaviour; “We had meetings with federal detectives who are very concerned with the energy, which they have related to the latest sparks of new reports degrading the African community as thugs etc.

“I’m not bothered by any of it because, I know each and every single individual who is coming the show is a very mature an intellectual young adult so let’s put that aside and think of 1 thing and one 1 only – turning the f— up and good vibes only.”

With most of the media on the side of the politically correct doctrine that says we can’t even talk about this issue, there is no clear end in sight.


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