What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You


Asher Faye Vander Sanden is a 28-year-old West Australian woman who was recently sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for “sneaking” across the Western Australian border from Victoria. You read that correctly, she was sentenced to prison for traveling from Victoria to Western Australia. In a society where rapists and pedophiles are routinely let off and given community correction orders, a young Australian woman who had done something millions of Australians had done legally without impunity every year up until 2020 has been sentenced to prison.

The mainstream media is vilifying anybody who goes against the unlawful directives being enforced by the state governments and the corporations they hire to act as their police force. Again,you read that correctly, the police in this country are not government employees but rather private contractor’s hired by the government to arrest people and hand out fines for breaking “laws” and “directives” written in legislations and Acts that have no legal standing in Australia, but that’s a whole other topic, one that everyone should have an understanding of if you don’t I implore you to check out websites like Know Your Rights and Solutions Empowerment.

Ms. Sanden is not only a victim at the hands of a tyrannical government that is guilty of a gross overreach of powers, but she now is a victim of public vilification at the hands of the fabian socialists controlling this country along with the media who are trying to portray innocent everyday Aussie’s as criminals.

One thing we all need to do is learn from Ms Sandens mistakes. The biggest mistake she made was pleading guilty to these unconstitutional directives. By doing so she has created the opportunity for the courts to sentence her. By admitting guilt she is acknowledging the validity of the law, therefore, making her subject to the consequences.

What makes it worse in this case no law has been broken the freedom to travel between the states is a constitutional right in this country under section 92 of the Australian Constitution. This is right supersedes what the biosecurity or the quarantine act may say and regardless of what side of the covid fence you are on. No government department or agency is allowed to change the constitution without first having a national referendum despite what the system wants you to believe.

Instead, if Ms Sanden had been made aware and not of been purposely deprived of this knowledge, she should have known that she had every right to cross that border, and accordingly a not guilty plea would have been entered on the grounds of the charge being unconstitutional. It then would automatically have to of been heard in the High Court, where it would likely have been deemed an unlawful arrest and then the government could have been sued for damages. Last week Clive Palmer’s challenge to Western Australia’s border closure was reffered to the High Court.

We use lawyers to defend us in court, whose job is first and foremost to uphold the legal system. To uphold by definition means to defend a principal or law regardless of one’s personal opinion. So even if your solicitor understands the constitution and the scam being instituted by our governments to unlawfully take people’s rights and freedoms, the likelihood of them advising you to use the constitution as your defence is almost non existent.

The constitution is the most important document Australia has. It’s something our forefathers went to war to protect. It protects our rights, our freedoms and our way of life, it protects our children and our country. It protects our future.

We all need to familiarise ourselves with our Australian Constitution. We need to know our rights, we need to use them and we need to fight to protect them. Hashtags and memes will not work, protests and anarchy will only lead to more police powers. We need to get active. We need to educate ourselves. We need to use the rights we have to be heard.

If people by the thousands starting flooding the agencies that are creating and imposing these so-called laws and directives with objection letters, notices, and petitions. If we start appealing against all the unjust rulings and fines being handed out backlog the courts and hence stopping the billion dollar a year revenue flow keeping the court system rolling. If we let them know we realise what they are doing and will no longer play the game, then maybe we can take back some power.

The solution to our situation is knowledge enacted. Knowledge on its own is useless if we don’t put it into action. So once we become aware of these facts we then need to use what we know to bring about change. The more people do this the better chance we have of not only keeping the freedoms we have but regaining the ones we have lost and the government can again become one that serves the people rather than one that controls us.

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