Going live on the WilmsFront channel for the first time tonight Dieuwe de Boer and Tim Wilms return for the weekly edition of Trad Tasman Talk as some resistance forms in the locked-down cities of Auckland and Melbourne forms including some Muslim communities now declaring lockdowns haram. We’ll talk about the news from the past week and then answer your questions.

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Three people killed during wild weather in Melbourne and Victoria’s south – ABC News
Man, 76, charged over planned rally against Melbourne restrictions as police warn ‘selfish’ protesters they’re ‘ready to take action’ – 9News
‘None more tragic than this’: Outrage over state borders after unborn baby dies – 2GB
‘This pandemic cannot force Australians to retreat into provincialism’: PM – Sky News
Masks, face coverings, on public transport mandatory from Monday – Stuff
Zero tolerance on speeding drivers all year round as cops get tough on motorists – Stuff

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