What Abortion Advocacy Sounds Like

We can only achieve complete freedom when we have a right to do what we like with our bodies and women’s rights reign supreme. Let us remember why abortion is so important. Our autonomy is vital and must be respected.


PLEASE NOTE: This article is a fictional satire and uses sarcasm.

Like a great progressive and social justice warrior, I was overjoyed about New South Wales legalizing abortion at any stage of pregnancy. The Greens, the Guardian newspaper and the enlightened progressives hope the legislation will be passed like New York has recently passed.

I celebrated such a momentous happy occasion and tears rolled down my cheeks. It is so important for freedom and autonomy.  I decide when to have children and when. This is such an important human right. The law now allows for a fetus to be terminated at any time for any reason. This is so progressive and right for our society.

Why We Need Abortion

I decide when to end a pregnancy.  It does not matter when or for what reason.  It does not matter that abortion is never needed to save the mother or that a 23-week old fetus can be delivered and live. I do not care. I have a right to a DEAD baby. Fetuses must never interfere with my freedom and autonomy.  A dead baby means I can forget about it.

We can only achieve complete freedom when we have a right to do what we like with our bodies and women’s rights reign supreme. Let us remember why abortion is so important. Our autonomy is vital and must be respected.

The fetus is dependent on the mother. If the fetus is not aborted it will just end up unwanted and we have enough of those to deal with and we do not want to add to society’s problems. The fetus is dependent.  It is not a person. Abortion is my decision. It is our decision. A decision between a woman and her doctor. It is no one’s business. It is my body.

It does not matter that abortion is never needed to save the mother. I want a right to a dead fetus. Out of sight out of mind. Abortion is a good way to escape responsibilities. It is vital for our freedom.  The unborn have no input in any of this. The fetus is dependent on the mother and thus not a person. They look like persons but they are fetuses. The Jews looked like persons too, but they were Jews.

If the fetus is not aborted it will end up adopted. I would rather a dead fetus than it being adopted. There are too many problems in this world so I do not want to add to it. Besides,  there are far too many people in this world. I do not care that there are 27 couples wanting to adopt for every abortion. I do not want to give a fetus a chance of life. Why should I?

Post Birth Abortions

There is no good reason to draw the line at birth. If a woman decides after a few months that it is too hard she has the right to make the best decision for her. After all, they are still dependent. It makes no difference. If a woman gets a great job offer and the fetus is too much bother, it is her business.

There are many other scenarios that are none of your business. If an infant interferes with a women’s autonomy, is dependent and unwanted, why can’t I and others make the best decision? Toddlers are dependent, too.

Post-birth abortions will happen anyway.  Isn’t it better to allow it than having her do it in a bathtub or swimming pool? Toddlers make demands of women’s bodies and if motherhood is the wrong choice that is her choice to make.

Maybe once a fetus has reached high school and knows right and wrong and can fully fend for itself could we say it has perhaps reached personhood? What about a 14-year-old disabled fetus? It cannot take care of itself and makes demands on our bodies. They infringe on other’s autonomy.

Apparently there is now a scientific test to determine the chances of a fetus being gay. My friend took this test on her fetus and decided to abort. It was a hard decision. But what does it matter? Any reason is fine. It is her choice and her decision. I am all for choice.

Abortion clinics have a wonderful humane policy of using fetuses for medical research. Post-birth fetuses could become very useful also. Why should a healthy functioning person be deprived of an organ for example, when there are disabled fetuses we can use?

Since personhood is dependent on size and personal sufficiency, maybe stunted growth persons could be used for medical research? They are smaller persons.

POSTSCRIPT – Michelle Williams’ Abortion

Michelle Williams won a Golden Globe and used it to praise abortion rights. She said, “I’m grateful for the acknowledgment of the choices I made, and I’m also grateful to have lived at a moment in our society where choice exists, because, as women and as girls  things can happen to our bodies that are not our choice.”(WRONG, 99% are reproductive acts you chose to partake in).

“I wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose  to choose when to have my children and with whom.”

Michelle Williams’ unironic abortion speech

Well, thank you for confirming and highlighting what abortion is always about-self-interest. We can see that Williams is visibly pregnant when she boasted about killing her previous child. But progressive tears flowed in the audience. It was such an emotionally enriching experience. She then went on, “Do what is in your self-interest.” That is the obvious point-self interest. Williams is saying some are born under tight conditions and some are not.

Williams, you choose who you are going to have children with when you choose who you are going to participate in the reproductive act with. She is at an abortion clinic because attempts to put off parenting have failed. She is a mother now. A child exists now. If you go through an abortion,  a child will be killed and then you can go back to being a woman waiting for the right time. Michelle Williams, what is so brave about taking a defenseless innocent life?

How about people stop telling people what to do with their bodies if they do not tell another human life whether it has the right to live or die at your whim?

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