The Editors of the Unshackled officially endorse Donald J Trump for President of the United States of America. His policies, views and his battle against political correctness make him an ideal candidate for the top job. Trump has constantly expressed his devotion to his country and its prosperity, despite the media constantly waging war against him. As an alternative, we have a candidate who is a proven criminal and a compulsive liar. A hypocrite who acts as a proponent of closing the wage gap yet paid female Clinton Foundation employees almost $190000 below men. This election is between the saviour of Western civilisation and a lying hypocrite who wants to start a World War III. And naturally, we choose our saviour.

Trump’s signature immigration policies define his purpose of running for President. It shows a passionate commitment to ensuring the preservation of American culture and values in an age where heritage and the American way is swept under the carpet. Trump will vet all immigrants to assess their ability to assimilate in America and pledge loyalty to the values of their new country. Most importantly, this process will ensure that terrorists disguising as migrants are not admitted to the country, thus avoiding the ordeal suffered by Germany and Sweden, as well as preventing another Orlando or San Bernardino at home. Many localities in German cities are being labelled “ethnic war zones” due to the heavy outpouring of refugees to the country, with gang rapes occurring in Cologne. Present immigration policy in the US costs taxpayers $300 billion annually. There are 2 million illegal migrants in the country who have been criminally convicted, with 300,000 such individuals allowed to infiltrate American communities by Obama in 2013 alone. These are just some of the issues surrounding immigration in America today because of the Obama-Clinton political machine.

Trump is being called a racist by the media for his immigration policies. The fact that his policies are misrepresented and sensationalised leaves no one surprised when considering the collusion that takes place between Clinton and the mainstream media. Most of this sensationalism has revolved around the border wall. To clarify, the wall will have a “big, fat, beautiful door” in order to welcome legal migrants into the United States. His attack on illegal migrants is not an attack on all migrants, only those who present a greater danger to American citizens such as Muslims. This brings us to the other controversial issue, his position on Muslim migration. Trump has said, time and again, that his ban on Muslims will only be temporary in order to find a method that ensures the terrorists are filtered out of the mass of genuine refugees. Furthermore, his position on migration is rendered reasonable when considering his aim at protecting the economic wellbeing of legal migrants already living in the United States, whose employment is at risk due to illegal immigrants. Do Clinton supporters really want to see legal migrants, who have endured the proper migration process, to have their employment prospects halved by the presence of cheap illegal migrants?

Meanwhile, the Democratic nominee wants to welcome 620,000 refugees into the United States during her term, clearly ignoring the situation in Germany which has prompted Angela Merkel to openly regret her open borders policy. Clinton’s policies also show her indifference towards America’s culture and ordinary citizens by attempting to admit incompatible aliens into the country and her willingness to remove the American people’s freedom to cater for these aliens. Many Americans are already using secularism as an argument to move away from Christian values, deviating from the original meaning of the word which simply constituted a separation of church and state. Many Americans are already openly encouraging state-sponsored political correctness in order to curb free speech to protect the feelings of migrants. This has to stop. This is why it is imperative that Donald Trump becomes the President of the United States in order to conserve American culture, uphold its values and heritage, protect its people from terrorism, and preserve their freedoms.

Trump’s tax plan is a key facet of his policy platform that make him an attractive choice for all Americans. Under his presidency, Americans, especially those residing in the working and middle classes, will enjoy tax reductions that will increase their wealth and happiness. Tax reductions will allow Americans to enjoy their hard-earned money and allow themselves and their families greater financial freedom and prosperity. It means children will have a happier childhood, instead of seeing their parents’ money wasted on illegal immigrants, diversity programs or other forms of useless government expenditure. Low-income individuals will not pay any tax at all, emphasising the fact that it is Trump who will work according to America’s best interests.

His proposal to reduce business tax from 35% to 15% is both astute and effective. By reducing taxes on businesses, he will boost the competitiveness of the American economy. Along with a generous purge of unnecessary business regulations, American companies will not need to outsource to developing countries in order to remain profitable, as employing fellow Americans will be cost effective. According to the campaign’s economist, America’s economic growth rate will reach as much as 4% because of Trump’s tax plans, in comparison to the current rate of 2%. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, wants to keep taxing American citizens in order to take a step further towards imposing a Socialist state. Remember, this is a woman who thinks the state, not parents, should be responsible for the raising of children, and so it comes as no surprise that she wants to steal people’s money.

When it comes to gun laws, Trump will appoint Justices who are devoted to protecting the Second Amendment. Freedom to defend oneself through the right to bear arms is a fundamental right in America, as well as a major aspect of its culture. He acknowledges the fact that police officers are unable to protect Americans at all times, and thus promotes the right to bear arms as an effective way of defending oneself both from crime as well as tyranny. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, wants to overturn this right and make sure her radical left-wing dictatorship comes into being. Her opposition to the Second Amendment is clear when looking at her opposition to the SCOTUS decision that upheld the right to bear arms as an individual right, saying that the court was “wrong on the Second Amendment”. She would ban all citizens from owning guns if she could. This is precisely the reason why Donald Trump is the ideal candidate, as he has always stayed true to his belief that individual freedoms in America must be preserved.

Donald Trump is vehement in his view that life is a fundamental right. His commitment to upholding individual rights extends to upholding the right to life. As such, Trump is pro-life. The only circumstances that render abortion a reasonable decision, according to Donald, are cases of rape, incest or physical dangers to the mother. Regarding Planned Parenthood, Trump wants to close loopholes that fund abortion by refusing to provide federal funding for the program if clinics conduct abortions. Clinton, on the other hand has supported Roe v. Wade and opposes Trump’s proposal to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. She actively supports the murder of innocent babies simply because the mother wants to. America needs a pro-life president in order to protect the most innocent of life. A left-winger would argue that abortion rights are all about individual liberty and choice. That is a grave misunderstanding of the concept of liberty, as it is not liberty if an individual terminates life, even if that life form is residing within her womb. A “my body, my choice” approach is an attack on human life when it comes to abortion, and thus it is essential for the United States to have a President and Supreme Court Justices who are adamant in preserving life.

A “full repeal of Obamacare” will take centre stage in Trump’s first day as president. One of the worst aspects of Barack Obama’s legacy is his Affordable Care Act. It has resulted in high premiums, dramatic increases to health care costs, and huge inefficiencies. This week, the Obama administration revealed that health care premiums will rise by 25% this year under Obamacare. When looking at Pennsylvania alone, however, health premiums will go up by at least 55%. Hillary Clinton wants to continue this failed policy, and it will be expanded to illegal migrants. Enough said.

Trump wants to end the United States failed military adventurism overseas. He does not want to continue disastrous regime change in the Middle East such as Iraq, Libya and Syria and the massive expense it has brought to the American taxpayer. He wants to get along with Russia and Vladimir Putin and has no interest in starting World War Three unlike Clinton who has vowed to take on Russia. He has questioned why the US continues to fund NATO and rightly points out that European countries should pay for their own defence. But most importantly he still wants to maintain a strong defence at home so if the United States is attacked an appropriate response can carried out immediately. What about Hillary? Well, her plans for imposing a no-fly zone in Syria will result in another world war being inevitable. If a Russian plan happens to fly through the zone, American forces will take it down, and a domino effect will take place.

Trump does have his negatives, no more so than trade. Free trade is what has helped create much of the higher living standards we enjoy today. But it is not wonder that with the amount of regulations that are in place in modern America no wonder people feel like it has been trade that has caused their jobs to disappear rather than crippling government. Overall though it is clear that Donald Trump has what it takes to rebuild America and get it back on the path to prosperity.

Briefly looking at the third party nominees, Green Party nominee Jill Stein is right when she talks about a system that has failed however her solutions will make things worse. However she is more sensible than most of the far left as she prefers Trump over Clinton, mainly due to the latter’s commitment to starting a war with Russia with her no-fly zone over Syria. Gary Johnson, the Democrat disguised as a Libertarian, wants America to be overrun with refugees with his open borders policies and espouses much of the politically correct and social justice rhetoric of the left. He and his running mate Bill Weld have praised Hillary Clinton has a wonderful public servant. None of the other presidential candidates have the skill and talent to successfully be President. It is Donald Trump alone who will make America great again. Vote for Trump on November 8 and take part in history.

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