Trump & The Media: Calling PBS Racist and Revoking CNN’s White House Access


After the midterms it seems president Trump is in no mood to keep tensions low with the press. In the past 24 hours two heated exchanges have taken place between Donald Trump and reporters in far more fiery exchanges than we’ve come to know.

The first incident took place after a PBS reporter asked Donald Trump if his use of the word “nationalists” and his representation of himself as such was meant to promote and fan the flames of white nationalist sentiment in the United States. Donald Trump didn’t let the reporter finish her question before calling it racist.

Later, Jim Acosta from CNN asked about what he described as misleading rhetoric about immigration and, specifically, the migrant caravan. Gradually the exchange got more and more heated to the point that an intern tried to take the microphone away from Acosta, which he refused to turn over, which was followed by more bickering between Trump, Acosta, and other journalists in the room.

It was later announced that Jim Acosta’s white house credentials were revoked, which has caused waves in the mainstream media complex and has many calling the move an attack on the free press. Jim Acosta later released a video via Twitter of his Press Pass being taken from him by the secret service outside of the White House.

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