Trial of Trans Woman Accused of Axe Attack Begins, Victims Testify


Disclaimer: Every person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. All of the information contained in this article is public record and makes no assertion regarding the accused person’s innocence or guilt.

A trans woman is standing trial, accused of an axe attack caught on tape in a 7-Eleven. Footage of Evie Amati walking into a 7-Eleven Store on Stanmore Road with an axe in her hand surfaced in late August in which Evie is seen swinging an axe and hitting two people inside of the store.

Evie Amati’s lawyers initially tried to get her out of prison (initially a male prison) on bail, claiming that her episode was simply a moment of temporary insanity and was not a danger to the public, as well as the fact that her hormone therapy was not being made available to her at the current facility. The bail motion was denied by the judge.

Today, the trial started to determine whether or not Evie Amati is in fact guilty of what she is accused of doing. Evie’s lawyer plead insanity, claiming that the defendant was a woman of good moral character and above average intelligence, and not an axe murdered and that her actions were brought on purely due to temporary insanity.

One of the victims testified as follows:

“I just remember having an ill feeling, something wasn’t quite right … I felt threatened. turned away and then I was struck, I was hit across the face, over my nose. It was like being king hit. Then I stood up, the blood, I was bleeding profusely. I started to panic. I thought I was going to bleed out. I took my shirt off and tied it round my head to stem the flow.”

Another victim said the following:

“I heard a sound like a ‘whoomp.” I became aware of a sensation, of feeling really, really strongly in my head. I saw a woman in her 20s carrying an axe with a wooden handle. That’s when I realized, ‘oh, okay, I’ve just been struck in the head with an axe.’”

Earlier in the day of the attacks, the defendant has posted some troubling Facebook updates, including phrases like: “humans are only able to destroy or hate so that is what I shall do,” “one day I am going to kill a lot of people,” “some people deserve to die. I hate people,” and “I know where you live haha”.

So far Evie’s lawyer has described her actions as “horrible” but not in line with who she is as a person. The story is ongoing, updates will be made as they become available.

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