Derek Chauvin is a Sacrificial Lamb


Derek Chauvin, 45, was found guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter on April 20 in a unanimous jury verdict. Joe Biden after the verdict said it was murder in the full light of day and another sign of systemic racism staining the nation. Many public officials since May 25 2020 when the incident took place have commented instantly presuming guilt. Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters told Black Lives Matter protesters that protests will become more confrontational if Derek Chauvin was not convicted. Influential Black Lives Matter leaders threatened violence if the verdict was an acquittal. The whole city of Minneapolis would have erupted into flames once again if Chauvin was acquitted. 

Derek Chauvin has faced enormous pressure from public officials and protesters. Since the footage of his knee sedating George Floyd before his death on May 25, 2020, went viral and those scenes were in every lounge room or cell phone, the narrative was always this case is the prime example of systemic racism. This was about the USA itself and its very soul. The media amplified that message. We had a constant stream of news denigrating police and labeling the police the greatest threat to black lives in America. The media never tell you there is zero evidence of racial bias-none whatsoever.  The job of the jury, in the end, was to prevent riots from happening, to appease a mob. The personal details of jury members had been circulated online and they probably feared for their personal safety if they acquitted Chauvin.

According to the Washington Post, in 2020, the police shot and killed 18 unarmed black Americans.  That represents one-quarter of one percent of the approximately 7,000 yearly black homicide victims. The mainstream media will never tell you these facts. Leaders, academics, and journalists who do tell the truth are immediately destroyed. That is why you will never hear the truth. You will hear theories such as unconscious bias labeled as fact. Hundreds more white Americans are killed by police each year in shootings on a yearly basis. Black hate crimes are far higher on a per capita basis also. The media lie to you. The only people oppressing black Americans are black Americans.  

The result is that Derek Chauvin has been offered as a sacrificial lamb. An innocent man is going to prison by mob justice.  This was a political hit job. George Floyd was the perfect opportunity for political advantage fuelling BLM and Antifa in their quest to defund the police and replace it with a BLM and Antifa force. Antifa and BLM only care about lives when they can be used. The lynch mobs could not care less about George Floyd or black lives. What matters is power and the revolution. The issue is how they can use this further. If there is a lesson out of this then it is this: police should not police Antifa and BLM strongholds. They wish to defund police so let nature take its course. The police should pull back immediately.

Black Lives Matter sells like hotcakes because communities are so broken by the enormous number of failed welfare programs and the replacement of families with welfare cheques. Trillions have been spent on welfare since the war on poverty started in the 1960s and the result is more poverty. Making black Americans angry works. You are not supposed to talk of failed government programs, poor family structure, fatherless homes, welfare dependence, poor choices, and so on because that makes you racist. If communities cannot manage themselves sufficiently whilst fuelling hatred for the police and wanting its defunding, then let them manage themselves. Why would a police officer go into these areas? 

Recently there’s been more. Daunte Wright was a violent criminal who got himself killed accidentally by police officer Kim Potter while resisting arrest. He jumped a $100,000 bail for violent robbery and his victim was a woman whom he grabbed by the throat, put a gun to her head and stuck his hand down her bra to snatch her cash.

In another incident, NBC recently edited bodycam footage of a Colombus police officer so viewers could not see the knife in sixteen-year-old Ma’Kiyah Bryant’s hand as she went to violently stab. The police officer was labeled racist for shooting to protect someone’s life. She was shot by police whilst in process of trying to murder someone with a knife. But of course, these facts do not matter. Acting to save someone’s life is deemed racist. If the officer did nothing he would be labeled racist. The officer is already condemned before he gets to the scene. 

Black Lives Matter and Antifa aided by civil rights organizations and the Democrats have been attacking law enforcement for decades. The result has been less discretionary policing ensuring bloodbaths and the victims are mostly black Americans.  Many police departments are struggling to get the numbers required to maintain law and order. Police managed by politics results in a drop in morale.  Activists have no respect for law and order and institutions. Their goal is the destruction of the United States. 

George Floyd was the centerpiece of a big political movement. Celebrities and sports stars weighed in and have ridiculed the police on many occasions. Le Bron James after the shooting of Ma’Kiyah Bryant tweeted a photo of the officer involved with the caption “Your Next” without looking at any of the facts. The details do not matter, he later deleted the tweet. The left only needs to know if it was a black person and a white officer involved. That is all they need to know. 

Joe Biden threw his backing behind Chauvin’s prosecution. The city of Minneapolis conceded responsibility for the death of George Floyd right in the middle of the trial by compensating his family. The left framed it as America being on trial. This was about the whole country, the system. Mobs are never satisfied. No one has shown a shred of evidence that race or skin color had anything to do with this. Mainstream media say it is all about race. Of course, if you say it was not about race, well, that is racist. If you do not agree with the revolutionaries you are a heretic and racist. 

Maxine Waters and Joe Biden gave prospective rioters a free pass to go ballistic if Chauvin was acquitted. The mob doesn’t care about George Floyd. Radicalism works and never-ending conflict is their objective. We have simply taught the mob that violence works. 

If you live in an affluent area you will hire private security. There are hordes of officers wanting to become private security guards because they fear any interaction with minority communities and mobs of protestors. Police will back off in the poorer areas and areas with more social dysfunction. Activists and race-baiters see racial conflict in every interaction and police fear they will be labelled racist with any interaction gone awry. Protesters and mobs will simply make their communities unsafe impacting minorities the most. None of this matters to Black Lives In and Antifa, academics, and journalists. What matters is power and a revolution. 

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