How do we cure our economic ills and again generate jobs?



Watching our “in their own lunchtime” Leaders, hyping plans for a fiscal stimulus is more depressing than contemplating the consequences of the Coronavirus and I suspect more dangerous for the Australian population.

It was back in 1936 that John Maynard Keynes widely expounded his theory of fiscal stimulus to lift the world out of the great Depression. It failed then and it has failed every time it has been lauded and tried since, but it gives Politicians with no other ideas a few moments of satisfaction that “they are doing something positive for the economy.””We are looking after the Australian economy and working people,” boasted Morrison last week.

Well Prime Minister, I would like to argue that you are doing no such thing. You are fooling yourself and trying to fool the Australian people at the same time. Because, one week, one month and likely one year after the stimulus has been spent, squandered or banked, the economic problems will remain. The reasons for our stagnating economy are very basic and not being addressed by the now all powerful “Governing Class” who will not be inconvenienced by the coming recession, thanks to legislated sinecures of plenty.Prime Minister you can stimulate until you can borrow no more money and all that will grow is our debt and the peoples concern for their future. What is needed is a very different approach that will stimulate, grow and foster production?

Productivity is never and accident, nor can it be demanded or bought. It can only come from a commitment to excellence, built on the rock of intelligent planning and focused effort. It prospers when Leaders have the wisdom to give the people the tools, they need to be their best.

Australia is languishing at present because the people are being denied access to what should be their birthright. The most compelling example being water.

In Australia at present we have little concept of our boundless opportunity, because Government is showing no leadership. Government has no plan and staggers from one disaster to the next trying to save political face.

Politics trumps Policy every time and the Party is far more important than the People.

As a result, we have no time for vision while Pollies trade personal insults and argue trivia.

Sadly, our Nation today is a shadow of the CAN-DO enthusiasm that started with our settlers and was boldly echoed by visionaries like Ben Chifley and his Minister for Public Works Nelson Lemon when they announced the commencement of the Snowy Scheme. Chifley said on that day: “This is a plan for the Nation, and it needs the whole nation to back it”.

The Nation did back it and the Snowy Scheme became the catalyst to half a century of National growth and achievement. We proved we could assimilate people from all over the world and develop technological and production advantages that made us prosperous and proud. By doing so we repaid the debts of the war effort. We repaid that debt of the back of production made possible with abundant power and water.

But look at the Snowy Scheme today. Most of the stored water has been used to keep the lights on in Sydney and Melbourne and the Government grows fat on its legislated approval to charge up to $14,000 per megawatt hour. This is against a cost of about $12 a megawatt hour. The people are being robbed by the Federal Government using infrastructure the people paid for.

Over the last two decades our adaptive Aussie enthusiasm has been suffocated by the imposition of regressive regulation often based on Green ideology, the sale of our “Tools of Trade” and the worship of market speculation, with the predictable outcome of closing factories, degrading infrastructure and job losses.

Now job dependant on service industries and a growing bureaucracy our economy can no longer provide the permanent employment that underpins the standard of living to which we have become accustomed; a standard presently kept afloat only on borrowed money.

As a result, our citizens are not future orientated and little inspired by plans beyond tomorrow. They unrealistically expect everything from Government today.

This Government is fostering environmentally based policy that is removing from the people by means of scarcity and price “The Tools of Trade” they need to be productive. Those “Tools” are specifically Power, Water, Gas and Fuel. All these basic inputs to production are the responsibility of Government to provide but have been sold off to monopolistic profiteers.

Result, the Governing Class wins, and the people lose; as we keep borrowing and propping up our moribund economy with a “People Ponzi” of immigration that we cannot support.The more we repeat failed policy the more stupid we look and the greater the crash that is now upon us. Blaming the “Coronavirus” is ignorant. It is simply the catalyst that has speeded up our economic decline.

With different policy we can have a very different future. We need to re-establishing water, power, gas and fuel security for our nation by having these basic services supplied by entities owned by the people, managed by the people and manned by the people. Central to achieving this withdrawing from the Paris Agreement and halting all subsidies to so-called renewable power.

We must repeal the disastrous Murray-Darling Basin Plan and replace it with THE PLAN THAT WORKS FOR ALL.

Australia can only work for everyone when everyone in Australia works and meets their citizenship obligations. We cannot continue with over two and a half million people unemployed or under employed.By returning to the people abundant power, water, gas and fuel we can foster jobs for every Australian and as part of getting every Australian into work we should halt all immigration until we achieve an unemployment figure of 2%.

We must restore the Federal budget to surplus by generating more taxpayers and keep it in surplus until we repay our debt. Every entity in the country should pay some tax.


We must establish a Nationwide system of flood and drought control. The plans to do this have been with the Government for years.

The plans to do this have been with the Government for years.Develop new infrastructure corridors to bring together the inputs of production and our industrious people to the end we sell finished product, not bulk raw materials, to the rest of the world.

Prime Minister, all of this can be implemented without any money from taxpayers, but you must stop looking at now and develop some vision for the future.

Just remember: “The food we eat the water we drink and the power we use for most of our endeavours, are available only because previous generations invested their knowhow and money for the future. It is time this generation did the same.”


Ron Pike.

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