Slimy Socialist Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon suffering under siege of serial sex texts.

Sinister sixty-seven year old socialist Stalin sympathizer left seriously unsatisfied by saucy sex texts.


Stalinist and ex-Senator Rhiannon

Prominent Stalinist and former Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has been left red faced after receiving an avalanche of sexually suggestive text messages and calls. According to the sexagenarian socialist her private phone number was written in black felt pen alongside the offer of oral sex from the 67 year old extremist on the wall of a bar just down the road from the NSW Parliament building.


No seriously. This is an actual thing that happened. Former Senator Rhiannon’s favourite journalist Josh Butler of TenDaily (formerly of the Huffington Post) has penned an entire article in an actual mainstream media outlet detailing this outrage.

Apparently Rhiannon (who was forced out of her Senate seat last year as a result of the internal battle between the more moderate “Tree Tories” faction and her own more openly Marxist followers inside the NSW Greens) told Josh that she began receiving the lewd texts and calls in December, often late at night, on her personal mobile phone.

That must have been really awful for her.

Lee and her partner managed to track down the location where most of the calls had been made. It turned out to be “Frankie’s Pizza by the slice”, a popular Sydney establishment only 300 meters down the road from the NSW Parliament building.

Jeremy Buckingham. Pizza and hat aficionado.

This would be a bar and pizza place that according to his social media accounts is patronised by current NSW upper house MP Jeremy Buckingham, who sensationally quit the party at the end of last year while loudly and vociferously denouncing the Marxist elements inside the Greens.

Jeremy likes Beer, Rock and Roll and Pizza by the slice and he isn’t shy about saying so.

We make no unfounded allegations here at The Unshackled, but merely point out that Buckingham has every reason to hate Rhiannon due to her revenge-crusade against him over the matter of sexual assault allegations. Allegations that ultimately forced Jeremy out of his own party. And also that he clearly frequents the establishment in question which also just happens to be down the road from his day job.

Jeremy recently used a felt tip pen and a dead fish to send a message to another former Senator. I prefer email.

And that he also seems to like carrying around felt tipped pens.

And he would have had access to the phone number in question.

Lots of totally unrelated coincidences I’m certain.

As good Unshackled readers will be aware, Ms Rhiannon has been a Revolutionary Marxist for her entire adult life. Due to her parents leading a split from the Australian Communist Party for not being Stalinist enough she ended up having an ASIO file before she hit high school. Rhiannon also edited the only pro-Stalin newspaper in Australia right up to the point the Soviet Union dissolved. She only then joined the Greens at the beginning of the 90s. The former Senator has even admitted on the ABC that she travelled to attend a school in the Soviet Union in 1977 specifically designed to train Communist activists in subversion of their home countries in service to the greater Soviet state.

Stalin Peace Prize. Rhiannon’s mother won one of these. Wonder if Lee still has it?

None of this has dissuaded journalists like Josh Butler from pumping up her tyres and printing her press releases. Butler even drove Rhiannon around like some sort of flunky chauffeur during her 2016 electoral campaign listening (attentively no doubt) to her talk about the deficiencies of Capitalism. Butler by name, Butler by nature I guess.

But the extreme Left sympathies of Josh Butler don’t really come as any surprise. This is after all the man who wrote over a thousand word long article a few weeks ago purporting to inform his readers about the groups protesting against the now famous political meeting at St Kilda without informing any of said readers that the organisations he was so lavishly tongue bathing were all Marxist or Anarchist fronts. Instead he all but urged his readers at TenDaily (an ostensibly mainstream outlet) to attend the extremist organised rally and provided links to help these Marxists and Anarchists find new recruits from amongst those that unknowingly clicked on his article.

It’s also telling that Josh (and most of his colleagues in the Australian journalistic fraternity) are outraged that someone would write rude things about former senator Rhiannon on the wall of a bar, but are completely at ease with the fact that the same former Senator Rhiannon was a key activist, state representative and then Senator of a supposedly mainstream political party despite never publicly renouncing the Stalinist ideas she professed and advocated for most of her adult life.

But hey, Stalinism only killed 30 odd million people. Whats that in the scheme of things? And I’m sure the more modern Communists Josh seems so eager to support will have it all worked out this time around. No problem.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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