Hillary Clinton is now in Australia. The Australian public isn’t interested in her professional victim tour about how misogyny, Russia and fake news cost her the presidency. Thankfully her tour has not received the mania associated with a royal visit, but the political class have been fawning over her.

She has just come from New Zealand where its current feminist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was so starstruck meeting her that she gave $5.5 million of New Zealand taxpayers’ money to the Clinton Foundation which for the past two years has been under investigation from the FBI over both the donations it receives and how they are expended.

In Australia Clinton yesterday met with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who posted on her Facebook page it was great to discuss with her the US-Australia Alliance, foreign affairs and female empowerment.

Bishop has also become notorious for writing out a foreign aid cheque at every request, she famously gave the Global Partnership for Education $90 million of Australian taxpayers’ money after a tweet from pop star Rihanna. So far there is no official word if Bishop has opened by the chequebook for Clinton.

Clinton did live shows in Melbourne and Sydney which the basic ticket price was $195. The shows featured her in conversation with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Gillard also blames misogyny for her downfall as Prime Minister. Gillard and Clinton both lamented the amount of time they spend doing hair, makeup and outfits when campaign.

They also claimed that criticism and abuse of them were because of their gender, Gillard reflected on being called a witch and Clinton reflected on chants of lock her up. Never mind the fact that every politicians is absed and male conservative politicians  are subjected to the most vicious and violent abuse. President Trump and former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott had opinion columnists calling for their assassinations.

In what was probably the most alarming part of their conversation both Gillard and Clinton blamed free speech for the spread of so-called fake news against them. Clinton still claimed it was Russian bots who turned the American voters against her, it wasn’t questions about the Clinton Foundation, her use of a private email server, her rigging of the primary against Bernie Sanders or her lack of connection with the working class states. Nevermind the entire mainstream media was behind Clinton and were slandering her opponent hourly.

Bill and Chloe Shorten also posed for a photo with Hillary Clinton. Shorten claimed she was an inspiration to women and girls around the world. Hillary Clinton’s ruthless pursuit of power where she broke laws, accepted money from shady people and rode her political career on the back of her husband is not something young girls should seek to emulate.

Mark Latham made the point that both Clinton and Gillard were able to advance politically thanks to the patrichary they now rage against.

Thankfully Clinton’s tour of Australia is a blink and you would miss it tour. She will still be interviewed however by ABC 7.30’s Leigh Sales on Monday night. If it is anything like her interview with Four Corners’ Sarah Ferguson last year then it will be a case of Hillary being asked how crushing it was to lose to such an evil man in Trump.

Hillary Clinton will move onto taking more gullible people’s money at speaking events and sales of her losing excuses book What Happened in other parts of the world. But it has been the American people who have had the final word on her political legacy by refusing to elect her as their President, and they have been better for it.

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