No upbringing would be complete without having experienced the joy of the classic children’s book series ‘Mr Men’. The popular creation — originally published in 1971, introduced many loveable characters including Mr Tickle, Mr Strong, and Mr Tall, among others. However, the Mr Men series has now become the latest target for censorious social justice warriors, with a study by Britain’s University of Lincoln, arguing that the series is discriminatory towards women. The study claims that due to the fact that the ‘Mr Men’ characters were given on average 12 more words than the ‘Little Miss’ characters, as well as the fact that the characters themselves reinforce gender stereotypes, the series is therefore sexist.

Researcher Madeleine Pownall, who was responsible for the study, examined a collection of the books which had been published between the years of 1971 and 2014. Evidently no longer content with deconstructing the simple pleasures of the adult world, social justice warriors appear to have now decided that anything is fair game when it comes to the noble quest of finding things to be offended about — turning their attention to a children’s book series which was written for toddlers. Western Universities once existed as bastions of respectability — bulwarks of intellectual fortitude which offered the world’s finest minds the opportunity to refine their intellect and prepare themselves for rewarding careers. Not anymore. At this point, the emperor is no longer just naked — he has now begun flinging his own faeces at passers-by in the town square. How the mighty have fallen.

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