Patriots Charged After Milo Event Clash Rises to Five


Five patriot activists in total have now been arrested over the clash that occurred outside the Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event in Kensington, Melbourne on Monday 4th December. This follows the arrests last Friday of patriot activist Neil Erikson who was charged with assault, affray and rioting as well as Ricky Turner. The further arrests were made in the new year by heavily armed police at the patriots’ houses in front of their families and they were charged with affray.

So far there has been no reports or confirmation that any of the far-left demonstrators who contributed to the violence have been charged, nor any of the residents of Kensington housing commission who pelted police with rocks after being invited to join in the protests by the far-left activists. The organisers of the event Penthouse have also been given a $50,000 bill from the state government for the police protection.

Given that only one side of the clash has been charged many are believing there is a political agenda from the state government at work. The Bendigo three of Blair Cottrell, Neil Erikson and Christopher Shortis were all found guilty earlier this year of breaching the state’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act for a mock beheading video with the charges being laid by the Director of Public Prosecutions rather than a Muslim who was offended.

Many are also wondering why cracking down on the activities of the patriot movement is a priority for Victorian authorities given the rapid increase in African youth gang crime this past month in the state.

These charges against the patriot activists will not be heard in the Melbourne’s Magistrate’s Court until June this where the manner in which  the charges have been brought are likely to attract closer scrutiny.


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