Lawyers Give Australia An F for Human Rights


Despite Australia ranking 6th out of 159 nations on the Human Freedom Index we are apparently one of the worst human rights abusers in the world. That is according to a report card released by the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) who claim we are falling behind the rest of the world in protecting human rights.

The ALHR describes itself as an association of legal professionals active in practicing and promoting awareness of international human rights standards in Australia. It is one of many leftist human rights fronts in Australia designed to put pressure our governments to adopt an internationalist approach to human rights law.

In its report card it gave Australia an F- for indigenous rights because of the high incarceration rates of indigenous people, we also received an F for our border protection and asylum seekers policies of offshore processing and boat turn backs as well as the proposed changes to the Citizenship Act.

While we have come to expect the human rights industry in Australia to complain about these two issues what is most staggering is that they gave Australia an F for women and girls rights. We deserved this because abortion is still in the Crimes Act in two states and despite billions of dollars in funding we are still not doing enough about domestic violence.

Despite the nation’s parliament passing same sex marriage this year they still gave Australia a D- for LGBT rights because they concluded the postal survey caused”enormous harm” and perpetuated “public hate speech from conservative and religious quarters”.

You would think these human rights lawyers would reserve a ranking like these for genuine misogynistic and homophobic countries such as those which are governed by sharia law which stone women for adultery and are legally bound to be subservient to their husbands and put homosexuals to death. But as is always the case with the human rights industry criticism is only reserved for western nations.

The ALHR also gave each state a report card for which not even the politically correct social justice government of Daniel Andrews was given a high score. They received a C and despite Victoria being in the midst of a youth crime wave it is more of an outrage that youth offenders have been sent to adult prisons and Victoria Police apparently use too much excessive force at public demonstrations.

Australia also got a D for disability rights because the NDIS has not been fully rolled out despite their already being huge social services infrastructure and a state and federal level to support those with disabilities including welfare of them and their carers.

Of course Australia can always do better when it comes to protecting human rights, just look at the current poor state of free speech in both our federal and state laws. But the ALHR has warped priorities such as caring more about the rights of criminals and foreigners and believing that part of human rights is being entitled to other people’s money and being protected from hate speech.

You can always trust the human rights industry to paint a grim picture of Australia and to trash our international reputation for being one of the freest nations in the world. The federal government and all state governments should put this report card in the bin and ignore the constant outrage in the mainstream media that organizations such as ALHR perpetuate.

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