The Unshackled Waves Ep. 114 Interview Show with Ex-Antifa Member Shayne Hunter

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One of groups that has terrorised western nations this past year apart from ISIS is Antifa. They are a far-left street activist group who attempt to de-platform, harass, vilify, slander and ultimately violently attack those they disagree with. This is because they subscribe to such as extreme ideology that they view anyone that doesn’t agree with them of perpetuating hate speech and oppression against various victim groups.

Antifa started in the United States and has been successful in shutting down a number of conservative events at university campuses there. It has been active in Australia and through its various local affiliates it counter protests at patriot rallies and events where conservative politicians and public figures are speaking.

One ex-Antifa member is now shedding light about the inner workings of the organisation, its worldview and the danger it poses. This is Shayne Hunter, he was in the Australian organisation for four years. He now uses his YouTube channel to debunk the flawed logic and misinformation that is put out by Antifa as well as doing other media and events to speak out against the organisation.

We ask Shayne what were his initial political views and how this led to him joining Antifa, did he have any second thoughts about getting involved and what did the organization provide for him at an emotional level.

We look at the philosophy of Antifa, their communist and socialist roots, what a society run by them would look like and how they practice the modern’s left identity politics victim hierarchy at an organizational level.

We discuss the tactics of Antifa and why they believe violence is justified and effective and how they manipulate the mainstream media to further their cause and actions.

We ask Shayne how he came to realize his worldview had being wrong, how one leaves a cult like organisation such as Antifa and have there been any consequences for him in speaking out.

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