NSW Police Defend Captain Cook Statue From Leftist Mob


NSW police last night defended the Hyde Park statue of Captain Cook from a hundreds strong leftist mob bent on its destruction.

police face off against leftists

The “Black Lives Matter” rally was a flop, with only three to four hundred attendees. Perhaps as a result of their paltry numbers the leftists headed towards the Cook statue with the obvious intention of defacing or destroying it in imitation of their comrades overseas. Amongst the crowd was signage and banners of several Marxist groups including the revolutionary Trotskyist organisation “Solidarity”.

police defending cook

But in a surprising move that should hopefully serve as an example to police forces around the nation (and around the world) the NSW police defended the statue and would not allow the adult-sized toddlers their destructive tantrum. The police stared down the mob of privileged, spittle flecked ranters and surrounded the statue of the man who mapped the east coast of what would become Australia.

And my weren’t the Australia-hating leftists upset about it. All across Twitter they whinged and cried at the very idea that police would defend a statue of one of the men responsible for the existence of the country they stand on. Their outrage that for once somebody actually stood up to them rather than simply capitulating and allowing their violent rampages of vandalism seemed to come as a genuine shock.


David Shoebridge a Greens member of the NSW upper house (with probably the longest list of associations with Marxist extremist groups of any currently elected member of that party) was particularly upset. Tweeting furiously and accusing the NSW police of using “Sound weapons” to disperse the crowd (speakers? Loud voices?).

For once NSW police and their commanders should be applauded. In the stampede of leftist stupidity that has recently engulfed the western world far too many police forces (cough cough… Vicpol) have figuratively and sometimes even literally bent the knee to the demands of the spoilt rioting children of the professional middle class.

Last night NSW police put a finger in the dam. Lets hope others follow that example.


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