Miss America Ditches Swimsuit Competition to Focus on Inner Beauty


The show that is famous for having beautiful women from different states in the US is pushing back against the impression that the contest is about anything other than inner beauty. Miss America has just announced that it will be scrapping the swimsuit segment of their competition in order to focus purely on inner beauty.

To be clear, from the very beginning Miss America claimed the contest was meant to highlight contestant’s intelligence and personality, but one must wonder if that was ever really the case. It seems that a contest whose honest objective was to judge women on their inner beauty would have women dance around stage in different outfits.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with a show dedicated to celebrating women’s physical attributes, much like the Victoria’s Secret runway shows, however it seems untactful to openly say that beautiful women will be televised in a purely economic exercise. Much like Victoria Secret claims their shows have to do with fashion, Miss America claims to be about beauty.

Miss America, however, may have to radically change the way they do business to truly be able to claim that their contest is one based purely on the cognitive capacities of their contestants, and who knows how these changes will affect the viewership.

Miss America will have to respond to the fact that all of the women competing for the highest amount of inner-beauty happen to be tall women with extremely proportionate facial features, straight white teeth, and perfect bodies. And the question on everybody’s mind is that, if Miss America opens its doors to contestants who hold a more “realistic” standard of beauty, will the current viewers even bother to watch?

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