Marxists Block Brisbane Streets, Media Covers Up


Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri led a Marxist organised march through the centre of Brisbane this morning causing major disruption to peak hour traffic. As usual the mainstream media remained silent on the nature of the extremists behind the rally.

The event was organised by the Refugee Action Collective-Brisbane, a Queensland offshoot of the Sydney based Refugee Action Coalition and like its parent group a front organisation for the revolutionary Trotskyist party Solidarity.

Matt Dennien reporting for Fairfax seemed oblivious to this fact, even quoting RAC founder Ian Rintoul in his article. As regular readers of The Unshackled will know Rintoul is one of Australia’s longest serving Marxist activists having founded the Brisbane branch of the Trotskyist “International Socialists” in the late 70’s, organised violent attacks against Pauline Hanson meetings in the 90’s, was a National Convenor with the Socialist Alliance in the 2000’s and who boasts of having been arrested over 60 times in his decades of extremist activism.

Generally speaking if the person arguing that Australia’s border protection laws should be weakened is doing so because he believes Australia is an illegitimate social construct which needs to be destroyed it might be considered newsworthy. If a Neo-Nazi was organising a march against Kosher slaughter techniques I’m betting the Brisbane media wouldn’t have described him as an animal rights activist.

But predictably either Matt Dennien or any of the other reporters covering the Brisbane march bothered to ask the ever-so-slightly unstable Jonathan Sri what exactly he was doing associating with groups founded and still led by people who worship the early Soviet Union and who want to overthrow the government.

Which is a shame really. It would be nice to find out if the Councillor for the Gabba, rainbow scarves and Alpha Centuri even realizes who exactly the Marxist maniacs he’s thrown his lot in with really are.

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