Since the 1960s throughout the West, a huge social and cultural upheaval has been in full swing. It is called the sexual revolution and it is the source of the toxic identity politics which is playing out in most western nations today.

The sexual revolution has resulted in the destruction of the family, the breakdown of society’s social fabric and pillars necessary for a healthy stable society. The results of the sexual revolution: children harmed from divorce, confusion of identity, children deprived of one biological parent, the commodification of children through surrogacy, children shuffled between different households, custody courts, the plague of pornography, huge abortion rates and sexual diseases.

Take pornography. The average age of first viewing pornography is 11 and pornography is tied to human trafficking, sex addiction, destroyed relationships, lost productivity, erectile dysfunction and more.

At first, we separated sex from procreation through the contraceptive ideology. Then we embraced divorce and no-fault divorce meaning adults can leave anytime for no reason on someone who makes demands of them. It means parents are interchangeable. Now we can have babies without sex. Sex is seen as simply a recreational activity with no higher meaning, purposes or social significance. 

The loss of family identity has created the poison of identity politics. Without family bonds, people cling to political, cultural and sexual identity groups.

Before identity politics children had other siblings to form social learning and to learn the nuances of mixing with the other sex. The traditional familial forms of socialisation have since dissolved. Family structure is far more important than race, class or income in determining future positive outcomes. Many children grow up without a mother or father in the home. Sperm donation and surrogate pregnancy have denied children the possibility of meeting biological parents.

The media does not really see the consequences of the sexual revolution possibly because of the fear of being labelled an oppressive old conservative or a dinosaur. But the consequences of no- fault divorce, pornography, abortion and sexual taboo are breaking out everywhere.

Many sexual taboos are being broken in the name of freedom and rights. The sexual revolution was always worded in the name of rights and pleasures. But the changes brought about have been an avalanche of destruction. It has lead to identity politics and the clinging to groups based on race, class or sexuality are an ill-fated attempt to make up for the loss of familial bonds.

The human family has imploded, children are growing up in broken homes and many people struggle to find a sense of self. Many of the social justice warriors use identity politics as a survival mechanism and it is a survival strategy for the alienated. Without protection from male relatives, many young women become uncomfortable and vulnerable and grasp at other forms of security. The family is a shelter like no other that confers unique benefits.

Sex in popular culture is seen as an entitlement. Everyone is entitled to whatever love interest or taste they like with no or little inconvenience. Entitlement leads us where exactly? To hook-up culture, divorce culture, and the abortion culture-the culture of death.

Abortion is a clean-up solution if things go wrong. That is the backup. This may be politically incorrect to say, but if you are unwilling to welcome a child into this world and to love that child you should not be having sex. Sex is not an entitlement or right. It has a profound social purpose for the benefit of society. Instead, society sees sex as simply pleasure, satisfaction and self-desire.

All this sexual laissez-faire does is destroy societies by undermining families, commodifying children and raising children in often welfare-dependent homes which has detrimental impacts on children. It promised bliss but gave us assembly line abortions classified as medical waste, sexual diseases, hedonism, destruction of children’s innocence, the pornography addiction epidemic, sexualization of children at schools and more. The fallout of the sexual revolution has created a crisis of identity politics.

Same-sex parents are the least natural forms on offer. It is a move from the most natural to the most unnatural.  A child’s wellbeing is reduced the further away a child is removed from his or her own biological parents. Both can never replace a biological mother and father. A child’s right  to her father or mother doesn’t matter,  ‘equality’ does. They believe attaching children to parents is unimportant. Same-sex marriage removed the gender requirement.  It is a structural injustice.  Every child should have identity rights to both a mother and a father.


The sexual revolutionaries often talk of the scourge of domestic violence but there is no outcry when an adult or adults use force against a feeble child through abortion. Abortion has been shown many times to be very harmful to siblings and more abuse of children. If you are willing to dehumanize and abuse inside the womb, why not outside?

Abuse of children has skyrocketed since legal abortion. In 1973 when abortion was legalised in the United States there were an estimated 167,000 cases of substantiated child abuse. In 2010 the number was 701,158. And that, of course, does not include the abortions which do not count as abuse.

Nearly all abortions are performed simply because of unwantedness. Reasons? Mummy and Daddy didn’t want me. I was too expensive. Mummy and Daddy wanted to finish their studies and travel. Mummy didn’t want to adopt me. I was told I was not human. I was only small. Mummy and Daddy doubted themselves. The doctor said my life was not worth living. I was told I was a parasite. Mummy and Daddy had 3 kids and did not want anymore. Mummy and Daddy thought 9 months was too long.

The truth is if abortion and the right to kill your offspring were taken away, then people would need to take responsibility and not have a back-up plan available. That terrifies a great many people. Sex has been revolutionized and redefined which disregards conceiving children and we excuse anything to keep sexual freedoms. The failure of birth control is no excuse for killing a child. Not wanting a child is no reason for killing a child either.

To think that an innocent child must be killed if he or she gets in the way of someone’s plans is the height of selfishness. Abortion is a travesty propagated by unadulterated selfishness and the darkest forces of human depravity. Anyone of sound mind would be sickened by abortion videos. However, many people do not seem too concerned that children will go to incinerators.  People believe in violence to get what they want. 

The Destruction Will Continue

The victims of the sexual revolution will keep on growing. They are not in any gulag or prison but they: fill the divorce courts, are pitched in the trash as disposable waste, fill psychiatric wards, often end up in prison because they had no father figure in the home, fill sexual disease clinics, die from HIV/AIDS, end up in gender-reassignment clinics or drug addiction clinics.

Cultures of free-wheeling primal instincts leave carnage. A society cannot accept such social damage for long. The sexual revolution has destroyed families, made our culture weak and could be possibly riper for invasion.

Personal autonomy and desires are now the ultimate arbiters of human decisions. The undermining of parental authority and with teachers pressured to comply is also disastrous. A plethora of ideological trends will continue with postmodernist ethics. More individualism, moral relativism and feminism we will see more of.

Society is freer than ever before: free to sodomise, display fetish, run away from children or husbands and wife’s when they make demands on us, make and view pornography.  The sexual revolution promised the moon and gave people the idea that everyone is entitled to the unlimited and it can be child-free, problem-free, guilt-free and sex and more sex is utopia.

The more recent obvious manifestations are the millennials who are a mish-mash of delicate sensitivities who wilt and cry over any criticism. You must be in lockstep with woke where everyone is a victim or oppressed by someone or something. 1 in 6 children are diagnosed with some sort of disorder, many are proscribed big pharma drugs,  where we drug boys for the disease of masculinity,  where boys and girls can call themselves whatever they wish to and where vice is now virtue and virtue is vice.

A nation that does not safeguard the dignity of human sexuality is a society on it’s way out. The results have not simply been a few boundaries overturned,  but all boundaries demolished. It has been decades of the degradation of society and a cesspool of defective humanity. 

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