Marxist Climate Scientist Standing for Election in Melbourne

Climate guru Andrew Charles

Andrew Charles is a Climate Scientist working for the Bureau of Meteorology. He’s also a devout Marxist, an activist with the revolutionary Trotskyist group Socialist Alternative (SAlt) and a member of the Governing Council of SAlt’s electoral front the “Victorian Socialists”.

climate scientist Andrew charles
Andrew Charles, the revolutionary Trotskyist responsible for helping shape our Climate research.

He’s such a dedicated member of the Victorian Socialists that he stood for election for the Upper house in the 2018 Victorian state elections and is standing again as a candidate for Maribyrnong council in the upcoming Victorian local elections.

Andrew has written in the Socialist Alternative newspaper Red Flag. In one article he boasted of his part in gaining the endorsement of the Meteorology Section of the Community and Public Sector Union for the “School Strike 4 Climate” in March last year. In this article he stated:

“Climate change exposes the inequality inherent in global capitalism…. Immediate and wide-reaching action is required to avoid disaster.”

In another article for Red Flag Andrew boasted of his part in instigating strikes and industrial action within the BoM attempting to get more money from the taxpayer (a subject for which he was also interviewed by the Guardian Australia).

A ludicrously flattering campaign mural created for Charles by nephew of Kevin Rudd and yet another Socialist Alternative activist

Andrew was also published in Overland (every Australian Marxist’s taxpayer funded magazine of choice) writing in a rather comprehensive 4000 words an in depth strategy for how Australian Marxists could infiltrate, take over and further radicalise the Australian branch of the Extinction Rebellion movement (something which his group Socialist Alternative subsequently did). Most disturbingly like his Socialist Alternative comrades his essay makes clear that the main thing Andrew finds objectionable about Extinction Rebellion is that they are insufficiently aggressive towards the police.

Andrews states that:

Claims that the police are ‘just doing their job’ limit the political fallout and public outrage over mass arrests at climate protests. The elevation of being arrested while the rest of the crowd watches as martyrs are picked off one by one reduces the role of the mass of people at protests to that of spectator. It excludes people who can’t face arrest because of financial reasons. And it alienates people of colour who are subjected to systematic police violence, for whom being arrested entails serious risk.

It’s worth pointing out (again) that Socialist Alternative is a revolutionary Trotskyist group. That means that they want to overthrow the government via extra parliamentary means and that they want to replace it with a totalitarian state modelled on the early Soviet Union. They devoutly believe that everything about Western Civilisation is evil, that capitalism is the cause of all the ills of the world, and that “climate change” is a great vehicle to campaign for the abolition of advanced industrial society as it currently exists. They don’t hide any of these beliefs either, if anything they boast about them.

Andrew Charles, he really shouldn’t have tried to grow that beard.

In case you think this is inconsequential it’s also worth pointing out that Andrew Charles isn’t some nobody in his field. This is a guy who gets his name on reports spreading alarmism about Global Warming in places like Fiji, Samoa and Tuvalu.

So a guy who is being paid by our tax dollars to research Climate Change belongs to an extremist group whose ideology tells him that exaggerating the threat of Climate Change may lead to a revolution which will overthrow the government who currently pays him, and that this would be a good thing.

Further he has described in this extremist group’s official newspaper how he has used his position and the authority of being in a publicly funded scientific institution to support an anti-government political campaign. He’s also gloated about inciting industrial unrest in his workplace at yet further cost to the taxpayer. He’s also written for a taxpayer funded journal about how extremists like himself might infiltrate an environmental campaign group to radicalise them.

Even worse he has helped organise the electoral front for the extremist group that he’s a part of, and has used his taxpayer funded position as a selling point to try and get people to vote for him in two separate political campaigns under that front’s banner.

And of course not a single media outlet has pointed any of this out, despite it all being freely available information.

Why does this guy still have a job?

No wonder these people think they’re winning. Maybe they are.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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