Mark Latham Sacked by Sky News


Mark Latham appears to have been doing too good a job at triggering people and has now been sacked from his Sky News programs. It occurs after three recent controversies, this include fellow Sky News presenter Kristina Keneally threatened to take legal action after Latham claimed she was the protege of disgraced former New South Wales Labor Minister Eddie Obied on Jones & Co last week. Then he then triggered so called comedian Wendy Harmer for calling her a commercial failure and suggested she only had at a job at the ABC because of a disability.

Then on Outsiders this weekend he mocked a Sydney Boys High School student for his part in a video his school made about feminism saying his lines made it sound like he was gay (nevermind that Clementine Ford was much more vicious).

The usual outrage bridge has since been in a full swing and sure enough Sky News has panicked and sacked Latham. Sky should then not be surprised if the ratings for Outsiders now plummets now that fans of the show know that apparently the hosts aren’t allowed to say anything too triggering. We hope this is not the end of Mark Latham as he is one of the best voices against political correctness and the leftist bullies.

Members of The Outsiders Support Group on Facebook have launched a petition calling on Sky News to reinstate Mark Latham. At the time of publication it has over 800 signatures and we would encourage anyone who values Latham’s straight talk to sign it.



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