Business Community Takes A Break from Its Virtue Signalling


Australia’s Business Community have taken a break from their virtue signalling on social justice issues such as same sex marriage to actually do something useful for this nation. The Business Council of Australia had the CEOs of major Australian companies present for a press conference this afternoon urging the Senate to pass the proposed company tax cuts in its current form. For those who missed the press conference it was a timid and lackluster performance from each of the speakers clearly crystallizing why the business community are the worst political lobbyists this nation as ever seen.

Appearing at Parliament House at the 11th hour so to speak it looks like to little too late, for many of us this is the first time we’ve seen the business community actually lobbying for changes in government policy that are actually in their interest. To demonstrate their ineptitude you only need to look at their approach when compared to the highly successful trade union movement. For all their flaws the unions are masters at political lobbying. You only had to look at the Business Council press conference when compared to Sally McManus’ address to the National Press Club earlier today. McManus gave a passionate defense of her controversial comments advocating unions breaking the law and why she believed the trade union was important for this nation, while the Business Council press conference came across as lacking enthusiasm and persuasion.

Looking at both movements as a whole the union movement is the media day in day out, making their case about issues such as penalty rates and the minimum wage directly to the people. They have a massive ground game in election campaigns and know how to use advertising and social media to their advantage. The business community does none of this, much to the frustration for those of us who believe we need more business friendly government policy. There is no desire from the business community to have a more aggressive lobbying approach and get down into the political trenches. This is what you need if you want to achieve political change.

They appear to be much more interested in supporting social justice issues as they have put more of a defense into their support for same sex marriage than making the case for the company tax cut. If the company tax cut fails to pass to Senate which looks increasingly likely then they will have no one to blame but themselves. If you don’t make the case to the people for why business friendly policies are vital to the future prosperity of this nation, then of course politicians are not going to vote for it. Lift your game business community, not just for your own sake but for the sake of the future of this nation!

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