Article 50 has finally been triggered, along with Bremoaners


The moment Brexiteers have been fighting for has arrived. Article 50 has been triggered, and Britain’s vassalisation to the EU is about to come to a victorious end. Prime Minister Theresa May signed the letter on Tuesday evening, a fitting occasion for a day that many cultures consider is ruled by the god Mars. The letter has been delivered to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, amid political tension and awkwardness. Tusk took to Twitter to inform the world that he has received the letter. 

A tragic day for globalists, this even has been met by an equally tragic globalist response. Newspapers around Europe have played host to articles crying in the typical leftist fashion expressing their remorse at Britain’s departure from the EU. French newspaper Libération had a front cover titled “You are already missed”. Of course, the irony is it’ll be France’s turn next after Marine Le Pen wins its Presidential election.

Theresa May signs the Article 50 letter
44 years ago on New Years’ Day, 1973, the Union flag was raised in front of the European Parliament in Brussels to mark the UK’s official entrance into the EU, itself brought about by a democratic vote. Hopes for a prosperous new age quickly gave way to insecurities and regret once the inner workings of the EU were revealed, and its susceptibility to corruption and ineffective policy decisions resulted in a failed immigration policy and members’ loss of sovereignty. This culminated in the Brexit vote, promised by David Cameron and nurtured by Leave politicians, especially Nigel Farage.

A moment of gratitude must be given to the UKIP leader, whose loyalty to his country and distribution of the truth was essential for the Brexit camp to claim victory in the election of last June. His bravery in rejecting the dangerous culture of left-wing political correctness helped make Brexit a reality. Nigel Farage didn’t fail to make clear his honour and integrity by promoting capitalist values as an alternative to the Keynesian EU.

We must also thank Prime Minister Theresa May. Despite her left-wing proclivities and hidden progressive identity, she was instrumental in actually triggering the article, and doing so on time. She has delivered her promise to commence the Brexit process by the end of March, despite all the obstacles thrown at her by the courts and the Parliament. In a speech to the House of Commons, May stated her commitment to the “democratic will” of the people and said that she wanted to foster a “deep and special” partnership with the EU. 

It should be noted that the apocalyptic imagery used by the Bremoaners have been false. The FTSE has hit record highs, UK GDP growth has remained steady, and inflation has been performing well. Economic indicators show a UK that continues to be strengthened economically, despite the ‘end is nigh’ language used by the pro-EU camp. While the pound has fallen, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Currency appreciation and depreciation both consist of advantages and disadvantages. If anything, a depreciated pound is perfect in this situation in order to attract more foreign investment and bolster Free Trade Agreements with other countries.

But it is important to avoid being complacent. Just as with Trump’s election, Brexit is not the ends. There are still problems in Britain, such as an Islamic mayor currently ruling London and the terrorism threat at an all-time high. Sadiq Khan once famously said that terrorism is simply a part of living in a big city, obviously ignoring cities like Tokyo and Singapore who do not suffer from such threats thanks to a shrewd migration policy. But Khan would rather see Britain burn to pieces than have stronger borders. And that is why the war is still ongoing.

Teaching lessons about complacency is all very well, but now it’s time to revel in this moment. Brexit won the election, and now it will be delivered. From the fisherman at Dover, to the farmers in Northumberland, this decision will reap benefits for all. And if Scotland is intelligent, they will enjoy these benefits with Britain instead of returning to the EU. Britain is on its way to leave the EU, and is now on its way to greater prosperity.

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