Malcolm Turnbull to face Lifetime Liberal Party Ban.


Malcolm Bligh Turnbull is facing calls for him to be expelled from the Liberal Party and slapped with a lifetime ban after a petition was sent to the NSW state executive on Sunday afternoon. If successful this would be the first time anyone in the history of the Liberal Party had ever faced such a lifetime ban. The ALP is of course not so reticent. In May 2017 they gave a lifetime ban to Mark Latham for showing insufficient levels of woke leftism.

Christian Ellis, a former Turnbull government staffer has asked for an extraordinary general meeting to vote on Turnbull’s expulsion within weeks. Ellis based his proposal on the former Liberal leader’s book “A Bigger Picture” in which he attacks current Prime Minister Scott Morrison, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Former foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Former Minister for overpriced submarines Christopher Pyne, current Helath Minister Greg Hunt and current Home affairs minister Peter Dutton.

In a self evident statement of truth Mr Ellis wrote that “Malcolm Turnbull has shown in the last few weeks how he is not a servant of the Liberal Party but himself”.

One might add that this is understating the case. According to his own book Turnbull orchestrated the funding and the founding of “Guardian Australia”, the furthest left publication to have a Canberra press gallery pass and the current publisher of revolutionary Marxists and radicals so anti-Australian that they wish to abolish the nation all together.

Malcolm Turnbull will almost certainly survive this attempted expulsion not due to any action of his own but due to the dominance of the Photios faction inside the NSW Liberal Party.

It is beyond time members of that party began to ask themselves. If the man who helped found Guardian Australia is considered a good and proper person to not only be a member of, but to lead the Liberal Party by those currently in charge of the Liberal Party, then what is the point of belonging to the Liberal party at all?

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