ISIS Member Arrested in Adelaide: MSM Covers Up One Key Detail


A story out of Adelaide has many shaken as a 23-year-old nursing student was found guilty of being a member of the Islamic State terrorist group. After her arrest, media outlets covered most of the relevant points about the case and the trial the woman went through.

The stories covered the fact that this woman seemed to be on a usual path for a young adult, studying to get her nursing degree from a TAFE institution. They covered the fact that she was doing all of this behind her parent’s back. They covered the communications she had with terrorists responsible for bombings claimed by the Islamic State, as well as the videos of torture and beheadings found on her phone.

This woman now faces sentencing, and she’ll probably be in jail for a very long time. One thing that has captured the attention of The Unshackled was one thing that seemed to be completely avoided in all of the stories. Surely, the hundreds of titled that described the terrorist as “Adelaide Woman” would lea you to believe she was born in Australia. A Google Search for the term “Adelaide Woman IS” will provide hundreds of results, all seeming to imply Australian birth, but avoiding her place of birth in the body of the article.

The piece of information that they chose to avoid? The aforementioned “Adelaide Woman” is, in fact, a Refugee from Kenya from a Somali family who came to Australia at the age of 13 in 2009. The outlets that ran these stories were the ABC, SBS,, The New Daily, 9 News, and others conveniently omitted this relevant and significant fact.

**The Story originally claimed the woman was 29-years-old when in fact she is 23. This was an unfortunate error.**

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