Is everyone at the ABC a Communist? Or just Tom Ballard?



So Tom Ballard, until recently the host of ABC’s Tonightly has come out openly in support of Australia’s largest Communist Party.

Sounds a little surreal doesn’t it? But it’s true.

Tom attending Marxism 2018, the Socialist Alternative’s annual conference.

The man our country’s billion dollar taxpayer funded broadcaster put in control of a week-nightly political comedy show has announced his support for the electoral bid of the Victorian Socialists; a new party formed as an alliance between the Trotskyist Yarra Councillor Stephen Jolly, the Trotskyist Socialist alliance and the Trotskyist Socialist Alternative.

Stephen Jolly at the S11 riots in September 2000.

All of these groups espouse revolutionary Marxism. They want to create a division in Australia on class lines and then stir up so much hatred along the fracture point of that division that open civil war and revolution result (putting them in power).

Killing fields in Cambodia. This is where Marxism ends.

This isn’t a secret or something hidden, the leaders of these groups have been preaching their divisive, murderous and hate filled creed for decades.

Stephen Jolly has been involved in organising violent protests and attacks on political opponents since immigrating to this country in the early nineties.

Stephen Jolly. Long time Marxist activist.

Before he came to Australia Jolly was a member of the Trotskyist Militant Tendency group in the UK that had attempted to take over the British Labour party back in the eighties.

Socialist Alternative is the largest, best organised and most fanatical violent political extremist group in Australia today. Just in recent times they’ve organised the Melbourne mob attacks on the meetings of Nigel Farage, Milo, Lauren Southern and Stefan Molynuex. They are currently planning similar violent disruption of the Australian visits of Gavin McInnes and Ann Coulter as well as the pro-life event March for the babies.

Sue Bolton. Second on the Victorian Socialists ticket. Socialist Alliance member and Councillor.

Socialist Alliance (though now thankfully much depleted) was once easily the largest Marxist group in Australia. It was born out of a pact made between the International Socialist Organisation and the Democratic Socialist Party, both Trotskyist groups which traced their origins to the anti-Vietnam War movement.

All of these groups and personalities are open about what they want. They feel no need to hide. After all the mainstream media seems at times to not just to be sympathetic but almost on their side.

Socialist Alternative is particularly blunt. In their statement of principles on their website they call for the revolutionary overthrow of the existing order and the smashing of the “capitalist state”. They also call for the abolition of our constitution, the parliaments, the courts, the armed forces and the police which would then be replaced with “revolutionary” alternatives controlled by themselves.

Generally speaking groups that call for the violent overthrow of the government would be considered extremists. Apparently Mr Ballard disagrees.

Tom giggling at the thought of the Cambodian killing fields

These groups not only want to violently overthrow the government, they also hate Australia.

One of the Socialist Alternative leaders, Tom Bramble is on the record stating that the sight of the Australian flag fills him with an almost uncontrollable urge to vomit. As far back as the early 2000’s Socialist Alliance was distributing flag burning kits (matches included) to children outside schools. All groups in VS have been involved in organising the “invasion day” protests.

These people hate this country; they hate its culture, its people and its history.
And in case it isn’t clear by now if you don’t share their revulsion for our nation or even if you just have the temerity to disagree with them they hate you too.

The noxious Marxist creed responsible for the deaths of over a hundred million people, the same ideology that enslaved a huge portion of humanity and held the world in the shadow of nuclear warfare for decades wants to make a comeback.

Sure they murdered and starved to death gigantic piles of people but that wasn’t REAL socialism. And in any case they’re sure they knew what went wrong and will make certain not to do it again.


Trotskyist Councillor Stephen Jolly

And while it’s been clear that over the last decade as these groups have steadily grown in size, influence and acceptability that the media has been soft-soaping them it’s rarely been this blatant.

Tom Ballard, a man who until recently was employed by the ABC with a huge taxpayer funded platform to influence the political discussion of Australia has just declared his support for a straight-out old fashioned Communist party.

Tom Ballard and the ABC, creating quality content.

Who knows how many of his former co-workers at the ABC would agree if they were freed from the constraints of their employment?

Perhaps we should sack them all and find out?

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