Remember last year when Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk pretended to get the flu vaccine for mainstream TV. Yes, she sat down with a nurse and acted like she was getting the jab when she wasn’t.

Conspiracy theorists picked up on this fake vaccination because the nurse forgot to take the cap of the needle off, so we knew for sure she didnt get the jab. It was also very quick and the premier said ‘wow i didnt feel anything’.

After all these people went wild on the internet over this fake shot, the media said that it indeed was a fake vaccination session as they had to shoot because the original vaccination was missed by the cameras.

They had to recreate it again for the cameras. Well, I don’t know what to say about this. I honestly feel like if that nurse had not stuffed up the fake vaccination film session then no one would have ever admitted that it wasn’t a real vaccination.

I honestly think that many of these famous people and politicians posing for cameras while they get the covid shot are fake, but I have no evidence, just a hunch.

The Annastacia episode was a good thing because it confirms what I was always suspicious about, that fake vaccinations on TV are occurring.

Remember the mainstream news is propaganda, thats why you are seeing it, it doesn’t matter whether or not the famous person actually gets the jab, just that the public sees them get it so it makes them think they should get it too. It’s manipulating the minds of the masses.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seemed to get his shot very quickly and he also didnt have a look of pain on his face which is what typically happens as the needle stings.

Many people don’t want to get a covid vaccine. Are famous people being forced into getting a fake shot just for the camera? Obviously, it would be sold to them as ‘it’s a good thing to encourage others to get the jab to save the world from covid.’

But what if these people can see through the propaganda and dont believe covid to be a problem at all? My mum just got called by a government call-in centre that was doing surveys on the covid vaccine.

They asked her if she was getting it, they asked her if famous people and politicians getting the jab would encourage her to get it too. The government certainly seems to be collecting information from us in order to design better covid vaccine advertising propaganda.

Prince Phillip who is in hospital now, possibly close to death has lived a very long life of 99 years. Hes a real survivor, but a few weeks ago he hit something his body couldn’t defeat, the covid vaccine. Yes he got the jab and now he’s on his deathbed. Is there a connection?

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