Victoria has had arguably its darkest week in sometime. On Friday 20th January, we had the Bourke Street car attack where Dimitrious Gargasoulas deliberately drove his car into pedestrians killing five people and injuring over a dozen more. We learnt that he had been out on bail from an assault and theft the previous week. Then after stabbing his brother in the early hours of the morning, police failed to incept the car before its arrival in the CBD, this was despite having air support monitoring him for hours as he headed towards the city. Add to this the riot and escape of seven youth detainees at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre last Wednesday. These youths went on a 24-hour crime spree before being recaptured assaulting and carjacking terrified members of public.

In the aftermath of both events people are rightly asking the far left Socialist Labor Premier Daniel Andrews what on earth is happening to our state. These two events are not simply an out of the ordinary occurrence in Victoria, they are the eventual result of the Andrews government soft on crime approach. The Apex criminal gang has been responsible for numerous home invasions, car jackings, assaults and street fights. This is also not the first riot in a youth detention centre with one a few months ago at the Parkville facility, causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage.

The public outcry against Andrews became too much for him to continue his soft approach, in response to both events he announced that new night magistrates would be employed to deal with after-hours arrests and that prison staff from Corrections Victoria would now be deployed at youth justice centres and given powers to be able to use greater force against violent detainees.

These actions while still not much, demonstrate that it has finally sunk into Daniel Andrews that law and order is out of control in Victoria. One would hope that he would be busy working on more permanent solutions to this crisis in Victoria including better police and correctional facilities resources and looking at tougher penalties for violent offenders and real reforms of the state’s broken bail systems.

If the events of yesterday are anything to go by Daniel Andrews doesn’t appear to be a leader at the helm during a time of crises, working tirelessly to find solutions. No, he is still being his usual leftist self and had an entire day off yesterday being a special guest at several cultural events around Melbourne.

The worst of these was his appearance at Victoria’s annual LGBT Pride March in St Kilda where he once again was virtue signalling about his commitment to the LGBT agenda and how tolerant he was to these poor oppressed people. Yeah, these people at this march seem to be having a good time to me, don’t look very oppressed. Can he spare a though for a moment for the poor oppressed non-sexual minority Victorians who are being assaulted by young thugs roaming the streets at night?


Then he made an appearance at a Chinese New Year event in Melbourne, gladly rubbing shoulders with community organisers and probably trying to gain a few extra votes by showing his commitment to multiculturalism and cultural diversity.


Then to top it all off he spends the night at the Australian Open Men’s tennis final as a guest of honour in the VIP area. Obviously enjoying some of the perks of being a political leader.


Now I realise that politicians often must attend various community events, but three in one day? In a time of crises for the state? Even if he is working hard behind the scenes, it’s not a good look when Victorians see their Premier on the television and in the newspaper mingling with Victorian high society when crime is rampant throughout the city. The best way to operate is to put your head down and focus on fixing the chaos that he and his ideological fellow travellers have created for this state.

Daniel Andrews is after all a politician, he wants to get re-elected. But one wonders if that desire is strong enough that he will be able to stand up to the human rights and social services lobby who will decry any tough on crime measures. Time will tell if Andrews delivers any action of substance but my advice to him is don’t have any more days off like today.

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