Trump’s list of banned countries misses the most important ones


The test often given to Trump supporters is what would make you turn on Trump, leaving some of the most egregious suppliers of terrorism off the list of countries which will not be granted visa is such a thing. The list as it stands is Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Missing from the list is Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, and Lebanon.

In terms of the largest state sponsors of terror Saudi Arabia and Qatar are by far the largest offenders, with Kuwait and U.A.E pulling their weight also. They have funded Al Qiada, Al Nusra and ISIS as well as other less notable terrorist groups. In terms of where the terrorists come from, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Lebanon and Egypt are responsible for the most deaths. The 9/11 hijackers were themselves Saudis.

Donald Trump has not been shy to criticize Saudi Arabia in the past, he rightly points out that the American war machine makes their vast wealth possible and yet they pay little in compensation for the sacrifice of American lives and wealth to this cause. They seem to have plenty of money for funding terrorism, making the job of world cop that much harder and much more expensive.

The Trump administration has also not been shy in putting lazy allies on notice. Nikki Haley, the new US envoy to the UN warned those not pulling their weight “we’re taking names”. Yet the Arab countries who have been most prolific in stabbing their American and European allies in the back are also the most notably absent from any political consequences.

It must be said that Lebanon and Egypt have sizable Christian minorities, under siege from Islamic supremacists, and ignored by western bleeding hearts. The inclusion of those two in the visa ban would risk hanging those who do share our values and would assimilate out to dry.

Trump supporters must make it clear that while the war on terror continues, and it’s possible it may never end, then any Muslim immigration represents an unjustifiable risk with little to no benefit. They days of multiculturalism and needing a reason to prevent immigration are over, the time has come for immigrants to justify their presence to us. We don’t need a reason to bar entry to those we dislike, and in the case of Muslims we have many.

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