Blame It On The Rappers


For the last 20 years music videos have been a major influence on our culture. With up to 50% of marriages ending in divorce and a society that has continuously been plagued by alcoholism and drug epidemics as well as being the unwitting participants of any number of social experiments, broken homes and a lack of role models has been a far to familiar story of the underbelly of our society.

In today’s world athletes, actor’s and recording artists are revered and commonly put on a God like pedestal. Often their influence has become a replacement for parents who are for whatever reason unable, unequipped or simply too distracted to raise their kids, or provide them the tools necessary to become strong, smart and compassionate men and women.

As I entered my teenage years and most adults were concerned with Y2K, hip hop music was establishing a strong grip over the Australian youth. Eminem had just released his first album, and artists like 2pac and Snoop Dog had young Australians acting like we were African American gangsters.

Drugs and violence were promoted and becoming a criminal became something we aspired to. This message was supported by the government as they sort to institutionalize the youth and destroy the family structure that was the heart of our very society.

Being from a lower class area these problems I was use to and it took no time to see the effects of these influences on my life it helped to establish a life of violence and crime that would plague me for the next 15 years.

And despite multiple terms of incarceration and lots of long nights pondering the choices that lead me there, it took my wife and the birth of my first daughter to finally realize the folly of my ways. I decided to be better. I began educating myself, I listened to podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience excessively and I made a choice to spend the rest of my life trying to improve the life of others.

Im lucky with the help of my wife and daughter I managed to drag myself out of a place where most people get stuck

The youth of today face similar problems. The globalists that are controlling the world are using the music industry to infect the brains of our children and the role models being sold to us are little more than marketing gimmicks with a lack of creativity and an agenda to further the global chokehold the that the Illuminati (or whatever you wish to call them) has placed on our world with up until now little to no resistance.

With the emergence of platforms like Facebook and YouTube and more and more people streaming their music opposed to buying CDs, record labels and their satanic overlords have less control over the content we are exposed to than ever before. Independent artists can now use these platforms to now build their fanbase thus creating their own revenue streams giving them an opportunity to deviate from the general message of drugs sex and violence.

Enter Tom MacDonald

Enter the picture Tom MacDonald. He doesn’t look like your typical rapper, in fact there is nothing typical about him. But he may be one of the most important artists of all time, addressing some of the most controversial social issues we are facing in an intelligent and articulate way and constantly calling out the Illuminati and exposing their agenda by naming them and some of their key players directly.

Tom MacDonald has waged a war for the people against the globalist and he has literally put his life on the line to try and bring about change in today’s culture. He has fought hard to stay independent against multiple offers and big money contracts so his message can not be silenced. He talks about conspiracies, racial issues, government control and self-empowerment. He lifts the veil on the facade that the mainstream would have us believe.

He is a real threat to the globalist and the agenda they are pushing. He has built a fan base of millions of people all over the world he is young, smart, aware and can not be silenced or brought he has the potential to open the minds and the eyes of a whole generation sparking a revolution where the people take back the power from evil forces that are currently in control

Tom MacDonald is one of a kind he needs to be protected and his message needs to be shared. The more kids stop listening to the likes of Lil Wayne and G Easy and start replacing it with that of Artist like Tom the more empowered they will become and maybe we will start to see a shift in the culture towards common sense and decency maybe there is hope for us yet.

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Jarrad Searby
Jarrad Searby is a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is also the head coach at hard knocks combat one of Australia’s premium MMA gyms.
Jarrad Searby
Jarrad Searby is a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is also the head coach at hard knocks combat one of Australia’s premium MMA gyms.
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