Australian Navy Mocked over Pink Fingernails for Gender Equality


We are told growing up that we must have respect for the people serving in our armed forces. However with the Australian Defence Force now captured by the social justice lobby this respect is proving harder to maintain. Gone are the days where the first priority of the armed forces was to defend the nation, now it is about showcasing the nation’s diversity, inclusion and tolerance.

Australian Defence Force personnel are permitted every year to march in uniform in the Sydney Gay and Lesbain Mardi Gras despite its degenerate nature. As Bernard Gaynor found out if you dare question the ADF’s adherence to the LGBT agenda despite years of military service they will turf you out.

The other part of the ADF’s diversity agenda is gender equality which goes well beyond simply encouraging women to consider a career in the armed forces and making them feel welcome. Instead it has a policy of affirmative action in its recruitment. Senator Fraser Anning when questioning Chief of Army, Angus Campbell in Senate Estimates was able to get him to admit that the Army won’t recruit males unless no female is found within six weeks of a position opening up. Campbell could also present no evidence that placing females in combat roles would increase Defence capability.

Now, this gender equality agenda has manifested itself in the most cringe-worthy virtue signalling way imaginable. The Australian Navy is participating in #100daysforchange which aims to make achievable change to increase gender equity in Australian workplaces. It is an initiative of Women & Leadership Australia who claim that governments and big business are not doing enough for gender equality while Australia flounders in 35th place on the Global Gender Gap Report.

#100daysforchange was launched by former newsreader turned feminist advocate Tracey Spicer. Spicer has already this year launches an anti-sexual harassment organisation called NOW which aims to seek out Australian women to tell their #MeToo stories. Spicer had vowed in the wake of #MeToo to out 40 sexual predators in the Australia entertainment industry.

So what did the Australian Navy do to demonstrate its support for #100daysforchange and commitment to gender equity? Navy personnel in Sydney painted their pinky fingernails pink to virtue signal their support with the Defence Australia Twitter account posting a photo of one navy member holding up his pink pinky with an open smile.

This photo was posted close to midnight on Friday but has only gone viral today with the Navy roundly mocked for engaging in this social justice campaign in this most laughable way. If someone was going to create a satire about virtue signalling and male feminism they would have created this post.

Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi was the first major commentator to join the social media pile on.

The photo was discussed on Sky News’ Kenny on Sunday program with panelist Kristy McSweeney stating that she had never wanted to wear pink nail polish and didn’t know many women who did, in an effort to highlight how poorly thought out the whole exercise was.

The photo has also been shared widely on Facebook with many viewing it as the perfect encapsulation of the feminisation of Australia’s Defence Forces and how it doesn’t fill them with confidence about the future defence of the nation.

Some of the lampooning may go too far as there is 58,206 active ADF personnel who serve their nation with honour and who most likely privately deplore this type of campaigning from those in the ADF leadership.

One hopes that the public reaction to the Pink Fingernails for Gender Equality is enough for a rethink in the ADF over their social justice diversity strategy.

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